How to design the best solutions for baseball lighting?

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A good baseball field lighting project must have a good lighting environment, ensure visual effects, meet the lighting requirements of the audience, participants and TV broadcasts. So, do you really know how the lighting method of the baseball field is designed?
1. Calculation of internal and external field illumination and uniformity
The lighting of the baseball field is different from the lighting requirements of other stadiums. The size of the baseball field is about 1.6 times that of the football field. The shape is fan-shaped. The difference between the illumination value of the inner field and the outer field is very different. Generally speaking, the average illumination of the inner field is high. The average illuminance in the field is about 50%, so the uniformity of the external field illumination is difficult, that is, the illuminance value at the junction between the infield and the field is considered. It is desirable to design the illuminance values ​​of the inner and outer fields to be significantly different. It is more desirable to make the boundary between the inner and outer fields a watershed of the illuminance value, thereby reducing the illuminance value of the outer field region adjacent to the inner field, and reducing the area. The difference between the illuminance value of the curved edge region of the outer field is used to improve the uniformity of the external field illumination. In the design, the projection point and beam angle of each luminaire must be selected and calculated one by one. If necessary, the height of the pole should be adjusted to ensure that all kinds of lighting indicators of the baseball field comply with the International Commission on Illumination (CIE) standards. And relevant standards for domestic venues.
The design of the baseball field lighting not only needs to satisfy the average vertical illuminance and the average illuminance, but also the uniformity of the vertical illuminance and the proportional coefficient of the horizontal illuminance. In addition, it is necessary to limit the value of the glare index, select a higher color rendering index and a corresponding color temperature source, in order to achieve the basic functional requirements of the light baseball field. Ensure the normal skills of baseball players during night training and competition, while ensuring that the color TV broadcasts clearly reflect the athlete’s instantaneous movements and movements and movements, as well as the ability to capture baseball trajectories in high-speed sports.
2. Glare limitation
For the limitation of glare, it can be done from the determination of the projection point, the adjustment of the height of the pole, the selection of the beam angle of the lamp, and the like. The four-stroke light on the curved line of the baseball field faces the home field of the infield, so it is easy to determine the illuminance value in the vertical direction. Therefore, to limit the glare index of the baseball field, it can be said that it is a key point in the lighting design. It must be the placement of one luminaire, one after another, and the other side of the modification until the satisfactory calculation value.
The main points of baseball stadium lighting come down to:
(1) The size of the baseball is small, the movement speed is fast, and the trajectory changes are difficult to capture, so sufficient horizontal illumination and vertical illumination of a certain height range are required.
(2) To meet the illumination requirements of the infield and outfield of the baseball field, it is consistent with the uniformity and gradient relationship.
(3) According to the site environment, determine the number of poles, the height of the poles and the type of lamps, the beam width and the number of lamps.
baseball field light
baseball field lighting

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