Data Darbar, Lahore, Pakistan

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Data Darbar,Lahore, Pakistan

Outdoor Lighting in Data Darbar, Lahore, Pakistan GL-SFL-400W

Basic info:
Size of square: 145*100m
Qty of old luminaires: 24pcs 800W metal halide
Height: 6pcs 15M pole
Installation date: Jan. 2019
Product Used: 400W led outdoor lighting
– Using 24pcs 800W led outdoor lighting (GL-SFL-400W)
– Beam Angle: 90*135°
– CCT of LED light: 5700K
MECREE 4pcs 400W LED lights as led outdoor lighting be used to replace 800W metal halide lamps which were installed on about 15m high light pole, IP66 waterproof outdoor flood lights for testing first.
When the customer installed the lamp, there was a small episode. Figure 1 shows that when the lamp was installed, the light diverged, and the arrow marked a gap. There are two reasons for this situation in figure 1:
The first: The incorrect adjustments of the installation angle for lights;
The second: The design of light pole --Each two rows gap is too large.

The first reason of the installation as above show that cause this situation. After our guidance and adjustment(Figure 2), the customer expressed that he was satisfied with the lighting effect(Figure 3) , and they are looking forward to installed 20pcs 400W led floodlight to replace the rest halide lamps.

They used our 400w waterproof outdoor flood lights to replace 800w metal halide lamps, by doing so they reduced energy consumption by 74%, significantly increased light levels/spread, and virtually eliminated lighting maintenance for the next 20+ years.

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