How to choose the sport light for the American football field?

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How to choose the sport light for the American football field

The National Football League is the name given to the merger of the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference.

The NFL is the largest of the four major professional sports leagues in North America and the largest in the world. The lighting requirement is Strict.

I. Size of American Football field

American football field of rugby match is 160 yards long (1 yard = 0.9144m), 75 yards wide, 110 yards apart from the two goal lines, 25 yards from the goal line, and end zone between the two lines.The two goalposts are 18 feet (5.64 meters) apart.The crossbar is 10 feet (3.048 meters), above the ground;The goal post is one foot above the crossbar

Size of American Football field

II. Lighting standards for American football fields

The lighting standard of American football fields roughly divided into six level: training and entertainment 200lx, amateur competition and professional training 300lx ,professional competition 500lx , general tv broadcast 1000lx , TV broadcast international competition 1400lx, High-definition TV broadcast of large international competitions: 2000lx .

III. Beam angle for American football field lights

Angle of light pole arrangement

Beam angle for American football field lights

Today many corners of the rugby field or lighting arrangement, and on the football field corners set four light pole, 58 m height – 33 – like the discharge project-light lamp to the football field center should not be less than 25 ° Angle with the ground, to determine the height of the light pole, therefore, light pole distance is different from the centre of the football field of the light pole height is different;Football field bottom line bottom line midpoint and football field outward into 10 ° Angle (with television into 15 ° Angle), football field sideline halfway point and line outward into 5° Angle after the intersection of two phase extension area for the arrangement of the triangle formed by the light pole position.A suitable illumination distribution can be formed on the football field by the projection of various beam angles.

Beam angle of american football stadium lights

Usually, for football field, due to the field size is big, and light pole is high, narrow beam angle will be used mostly. We called below 45 degree as narrow beam angle. Our GL-SPL series offer the 15,20,30 degree narrow beam angle.

Beam angle of american football stadium lights

IV. What type of lights will be the best for American football field

Due to the trouble and cost of replacement and maintenance, all customers want to buy high-quality sports lights for their field. About “high quality”, most customer will think about ,” Brand LED chip”, “Brand Driver”, “High CRI”, “Uniformity”, “ Save Energy Consumption”,” long lifespan””Low Glare” and so on. Yes, all of these are also very important. But there are also something important was missed. Let’s see what’s the best football stadium lights.

1, Flicker-free lighting for 4K and 8K TV broadcasting

Proper lighting is essential for sports broadcasting, especially when 4k and 8k TVs appear, high-definition televisions can display high-definition pictures, and allow viewers to watch even the finest details in the pictures. Today, in addition to complying with the “Television Lighting Consistency Index” set by the European Broadcasting Union, the camera must not only allow an appropriate amount of light to enter, but also must ensure that the correct use of light quality can depict the colors on the ground. Flicker-free lighting not only meets these standards, but also provides the following benefits for UHD sports competition broadcasting:

a. Enhance the audience experience

The flicker-free lights allow the camera to capture every moment in a sports game, which means fans can enjoy the full experience of the game. In addition, viewers have a clearer understanding of what is happening because they will not be distracted by the flashing lights, thus ensuring that they enjoy the game more.

Enhance the audience experience

b. Higher quality

The flicker-free lighting also ensures a glare-free experience for broadcasters, allowing them to pan across the entire field of view and get a clearer picture.

c. Lighting uniformity

Broadcasters can enjoy greater vertical and horizontal uniformity because they do n’t have to worry about adjusting lights and cameras to avoid flickering light.

American football field lighting Clearer TV broadcasting

d. Clearer TV broadcasting

The flicker-free lighting is designed to ensure that high-quality images that best match UHD TVs such as 4K and 8K are generated. In this way, the audience can see the finest details, and can also play, so that they can replay their favorite moments

The flicker-free lighting ensures clear, high-definition and pleasant experience for 4k and 8k TV users. In addition, broadcasters can ensure higher image quality and uniformity of lighting, thereby providing viewers with an unparalleled broadcast experience of sports competitions, which will ensure that they continue to return.

2, Anti-glare lighting for sports athletes

Participating in sports activities with an external light source (such as the sun or strong light) can be stressful, especially for athletes. And, according to most sports enthusiasts, this is a potential cause of performance errors.

Uncomfortable glare and disability glare effects may cause the performance of the product to decrease, thereby affecting the performance of athletes.

Anti glare lighting for sports athletes

MECREE SPL series use unique secondary optical system, high transmission glass lens with aluminum alloy reflection cup. it makes most of the overflowing light refracted by the aluminum reflector cup and lens into useful linear light to effectively reduce the spill light , concentrate the light on the field, increased the central light intensity by more than 5 times and greatly reduce the glare.

3, High CRI ( Color rendering index )

High CRI Color rendering index led floodlights

When purchasing LED sports lighting, CRI must be considered. When accurate color display must be provided, a high CRI level of 90+ must be achieved. For most sports applications, a score of Ra greater than 80 is acceptable, but for detailed photography and real video streaming, you must set the CRI to more than 90. Consider a score greater than 90 as a “high CRI” light. Such lamps present beautiful and vibrant tones throughout the spectrum. In addition, you can mix high CRI and color temperature in LED sports lights to achieve the desired configuration.

However, CRI is not an independent parameter to consider. Energy consumption and light resistance are also important. But CRI is one of the most important factors when buying LED sports lighting fixtures.

MECREE SPL series CRI is 80+, 90+, we can also custom LED lights into 95+ according to customer’s request. It can meet all high CRI requirement.

4, Small volume, Save the installation cost

The overall volume gets smaller, can be directly replaced in the original position of the traditional light tower. You can save the cost of new poles, crossarms, demolition, engineering, and foundations. It will be nearly save 50% installation cost.

Below is the picture of GL-SPL-1000W replace traditional MH lamps on existing light pole. This is a big advantage of our SPL series.

Small volume Save the installation cost stadium lights

5. The most stable, high-energy-saving

The most stable, high-energy-saving LED mainly solves the problems of traditional lamps: slow start-up, high energy consumption, low power factor, high temperature, no waterproof, no UV protection, and no easy maintenance.

Stability of MECREE SPL series

Use advanced high stable Japanese CITIZEN COB high power LED Chip. CITIZEN single high-power light source is in a leading position in the industry.
Use MEANWELL driver, can applied to all kinds of environment.
10 year free maintenance. and we are not only promise the 10 years warranty but also ensure the light decay will be less than 10% within 10 years.

High Energy-Saving of MECREE SPL series

High Energy Saving of MECREE SPL series

MECREE LED lights are far more efficient than metal halides , leading to a huge difference in the amount of power used per fixture.  A 1000 watts SPL series football lights can replace a 3000W metal halide stadium light, in effect saving 2000 watts per plus the power drained by the original ballast. Now you have a light using about one third of the power of the previous metal halide light. Considering that stadium lighting usually consists of multiple fixtures on multiple poles, the power saving is tremendous. If you are swapping out 40 total fixtures would end up saving around 80,000 watts of power.

6, IES TM-21-11 Prediction

MECREE SPL is available in various angles, perfectly used in large stadium and high Mast lighting 25-100 meters, can irradiate for 100-1000

american football stadium lights 1

V. Why choose us?

Because of the professionalism and particularity of football sports, the choice of American football stadium lighting should be extra cautious. In the field of American football lighting, the industry is currently the first to promote “Mecree”. As a supplier of LED sport light solutions, MECREE is better professional and guaranteed.

If you have more questions or needs, please send an email to [email protected] . We will reply you within 24 hours.

What can MECREE do for you?

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