What Should I Do before Attending the Lighting Trade Show?

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Attending a lighting trade show requires some prior planning. Making adjustments without a carefully planned schedule can lead to a completely wasted day. Lighting trade shows are also such a wide range of events that covering every pop-up window is almost impossible. So it is important to know, as a visitor, what should I do to prepare for a lighting trade show?

Now, we’ll look at the nine most important things you should check out in the list before attending the light trade show.

1. Pre-register for the show

Yes, not all shows require admission, but most do. In fact, if the lighting trade show you’re planning to attend is a coveted event backed by strong brands and prominent names, you’ll probably need a ticket. For most lighting trade shows, tickets can be purchased online from partner websites. However, be sure to check your attendance in advance, or you don’t want to see the “sold out” sign.

2. Pick and sort

We can’t cover all the brands on display at the lighting trade show. So prioritization is key. First scan the exhibit line and list all the brands you want to cover. Allocate time and stick to the plan. This way, you can make the most of your day.

3. Make an appointment

Trade shows are busy times for brand representatives, influencers and bloggers. People keep meeting these people to find answers to questions that bother them. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make an appointment in advance.

4. Book your flight and get your visa

When I attend a light show, I book tickets at least a month in advance. The lighting exhibition is an important event attended by people from all over the country. If you delay booking your ticket, it may go up in the days before the event and burn a hole in your pocket. Also, if you are traveling to other countries for a light trade show, please apply for a visa as soon as possible. Also, make sure your passport is valid for six months.

5. Book accommodations

If you start looking for accommodation options three days before the actual event, you may not be able to find anything within five miles of the hotel. Brands start preparing for trade shows at least six to eight months in advance and book accommodation for their representatives before the event begins. If you plan to attend the lighting trade show, please make sure to book your accommodation in advance so that you can choose the place close to the exhibition site.

6. Arrange transportation

With buyers and sellers frequented outside the airport, cities, especially districts, that host light trade shows have become busy. In this case, finding a taxi can be difficult, especially if your flight lands after a strange hour. Therefore, it is recommended to arrange getting on and off the bus to avoid any inconvenience.

7. Carry a Lux instrument

If you are a buyer and plan to spend some money, make sure you carry a lux meter. It’s dazzling to look directly at the brightest floodlights. Ideally, you will need to carry a portable lux meter with data recording capabilities and accuracy of about 3%. This allows you to take readings and compare them before making the final purchase.

8. High FPS cameras

From conventional incandescent bulbs to LED lights, most of lights give off some flicker. Flashes are hard to detect. At a light show, buyers must try to buy almost imperceptible lights. The trick is to avoid buying lights that flicker more often than the refresh rate of your FPS camera. If you don’t have professional equipment, a smart phone with a 240 FPS or 960 FPS slow-motion camera can also help.

9. Don’t forget to pack a pair of anti-glare glasses in your backpack

From backlights and spotlights to giant chandeliers and blinding lights, expect to encounter a variety of lights at the light trade show. So it’s a good idea to keep a pair of anti-glare glasses with you at all times. The reflective coating on the lenses of these glasses can protect you from unnecessary reflections, thus achieving clear vision.
Tip: bring some cash
In many lighting exhibitions, when you come across some very satisfactory products, if you have some ready money, you can take a sample directly, thus saving the freight cost.
By following the tips, you can ensure that your money is well spent and that you are using the right product instead of the vendor’s pocket.

Any more questions or requirements about LED lighting, welcome to contact Mecree directly via [email protected], we will reply you within 24 hours.

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