700W LED Floodlight for Dubai Miracle Garden

464 Published by admin 07 11,2018

700W LED Floodlight for Dubai Miracle Garden
Project Label: Dubai Miracle Garden
Basic info:
Qty of old luminaires: 2000W metal halide
Height: 20M
Installation date: Dec. 2013
Product Used: 700W Stadium LED Floodlight
– Using 50pcs 700W Stadium LED Flood Light (GL-FL-700W)
– Beam Angle: 60°
– CCT of LED light: 5000k
Story: This is the famous miracle garden in Dubai. In 2013, they bought 800W LED outdoor sports lights to replace their old lamp 2000w MH flood lights, the Color rendering index >90 Ra is used, making the flowers in the garden look very beautiful at night. Until now, LED outdoor field lighting have been used for almost 5 years now. We haven’t get any complaints from our clients. The lights still work well and bright. It shows that the quality of my product is great with 10 years lifespan design. Other LED floodlights bought by other people in 2013, which have already been changed with new lights. At that time, very few suppliers could do high power LED floodlights higher than 500W of high power, but MECREE did it. MECREE has always focused on high quality LED sports projectors. Although more and more suppliers are pouring into the LED market, most of them buy shells, power back to the assembly. They don’t have a better understanding of electronics and optics, heat dissipation technology, which led to many problems.

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