7 Tips To Install Ice Hockey Stadium Lighting

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Ice hockey is a special sport. It is a combination of varied skating skills and agile skill in hockey. The ball is made of hard rubber. It is 2.54 cm thick, 7.62 cm in diameter and 156-170 g. The whole game is carried out on ice. The lighting effect has a great influence on the athletes watching the ball. If the lighting of the ice hockey stadium is unqualified, it will directly affect the competition and affect the reputation of the stadium. This requires the design and construction company for the ice stadium sports lighting. Unique lighting principles and things to be aware of details as follows:

1)The baffles around the ice rink are prone to shadows and should be noted during designing. This can be solved by installing the luminaire on the arm or selecting the appropriate mounting height and projection direction to solve the shadow problem caused by the baffle.
2)The lighting design of ice hockey should pay attention to the following points:
① Improve the illumination near the goal, but do not sacrifice the illumination evenness, because near the goal for the two parties to compete for the focal point, the number of personnel, the ball speed conversion. It is usually possible to reduce the distance between the light lamps in the goal area or use a higher output light source near the goal.
② The light fixture should not be installed on the short side of the ice rink to avoid reflecting glare on the ice.
3)For curling rink lighting, the height of the light source should be 3 ~ 4m higher than the ice surface. When centralized lighting is used, athletes should also be protected from direct glare and reflection caused by the ice surface. According to the characteristics of curling, higher illumination is needed at both ends. Accordingly, the lamps and lanterns that is placed by crock place wants some denser than other place, or the lamps and lanterns that is set in place of receive crock high output, in order to achieve the purpose that receives crock place high illuminance.

For one or two ice rinks, lateral lighting can be used. Generally, the luminaires are equipped with fluorescent lamps, arranged along the side of the ice rink, and the lateral lighting can obtain higher vertical illuminance.
4)The ice hockey is multi-directional to the ground and delivers ice hockey in the air in a short time. Direct glare from the luminaire and glare reflected from the ice surface should be minimized. The position and aiming angle of the luminaire should reduce the shadow from the baffle and the net. All luminaires should be installed above the line of sight of the viewer who is farthest from the sport zone and the highest seat.
5)The minimum height of the pole is 12.2M (40ft) and is placed along both sides of the course (lengthwise). The position and aiming point of the luminaire should also reduce the shadow of the scoreboard and the net.

6)Ice hockey courts are usually used for figure skating (practice, competition, and performance). Special considerations for these purposes should be taken into account.
7)Figure skating is also multi-directional ground sports, can be held in many specifications of the ice rink. For recreational sports and training, the lighting level can be minimal. However, during performances or competitions, judges and spectators require high illumination and high quality light to observe the details of foot and hand movements. This is exactly what hockey looks like.
NHL is a professional hockey league formed by the north American ice hockey team. It is the highest level professional hockey game in the world and one of the four professional sports in North America. To allow athletes to have the best training arena, lighting is an important facility inside ice hockey stadium. If you wish to get much info of our LED ice hockey lighting, Please do not hesitate to contact us

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