6 Tips to choose the best lights for warehouse

706 Published by admin 11 29,2018

When it comes to the warehouse lighting , we should not only focus on the productivity but also the safe problems for the workers.
Because the ceiling in warehouse is very high and need to be lit up the whole places properly, we should consider the Led lights which can save more than 68% cost a month. Besides, the brightness and uniformity is also required to keep the safety. The following 6 tips to help you make a decision.

1. Based on the size and design of warehouse

“I have a warehouse with the size of xxx, pls tell me how many pcs lights and watts I need” ? In addition, we need to know what’s the height and how many lux level you need? (If you are not sure the lux level, our engineer can offer you a suggestion).
If the design of your warehouse with high ceiling, we suggest the narrow beam angle to keep the brightness of the ground. If your warehouse with low roof and wide area, wider beam angle is the best choice.

2.Pay attention to the glare

High glare will bring the warehouse worker’s uncomfortable feeling. If there exist the dazzling lights, it very easily hurt the eyes and affect the workers to see each other or the dangerous machines or tools.
According to the statistics of past few years, we can find that about 15% accidents are linked with improper lighting. To avoid the bad things and to make a perfect environment environment for workers, we need pay attention to the glare.
Mecree Led use calculus optical lens, PC material, we use the principle of multiple refraction of light, making the light transmittance>98%. It can reduce more than 65% glare when compared to the traditional lamps.

3.Dimming models for warehouse lighting

The first usage of dimming is to keep the consistency of light in the all day.
In the daytime, there are natural light into the warehouse, we can dim the lights.
In the evening, we can increase the brightness based on the flexible operation to keep a uniformity and comfortable environment for workers.
Dimming control can help to save the energy. You can change the brightness whatever you need. We provide 0-10V, 1-10V, DMX, DALI dimming models. So that it can be convenient for you and without reinstall the lights.

4.Choose the high lighting efficiency Led lights

You may be install many lights with 300W but still not bright and even becoming “darkness” after half a year. Because your lights with low light efficiency and high light decay. While Mecree Led lights are 8-10 times higher light efficiency than traditional lamps. With 160lm/w, light decay<5%( In 5 years). Mecree Led 100W=300W/ 400W metal halide or halogen lamps. We produce 100-5000W, you always can find the best suitable products.

5.Select high quality products

It’s not few quantities of lights need to be installed in your warehouse, we should consider in the long term. You may be attracted by the $40 for 100w lights, but do you know many times of replacement will waiting for you in each several month.
Mecree Led can save more than 62% cost in each month, pls contact with us for the computational formula. If you need to light up for 8hrs a day, it can last for more than 27 years, and you don’t need to change it during these time. Selecting high quality products means that you are saving money and making money!

6.Require customized services

Each place has it’s own designing. Some of our customers need the lights under low temperature, and others need the lights can resist high temperature. Besides, you may need customized handle, special bracket with the adjustable angle etc. Mecree Led can offer the customized services according to the requirement of our customer, your satisfaction is the most important for us.

The following pictures 150W/200W/300W are the hot sale products for warehouse lighting project, if you have any problems, pls don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected], our engineer will do the best lighting solution for you to minimize the cost.

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