300W RGB LED floodlight for Florida strawberry festival

324 Published by admin 07 16,2018

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Florida strawberry festival lighting

300W RGB LED floodlight for Florida strawberry festival

in American
Basic info:
Product Used: 300w RGB led floodlights
-Using 32pcs 300w RGB led floodlights(GL-FL-300W)
-Beam Angle: 24°
-CCT of LED light: 5000K

Installation Date: Feb. 2018

Florida strawberry festival in American use Mecree best flood lights is RGB floodlight, use 32pcs 300w RGB LED floodlight for the strawberry festival, the stage lighting effects not only enhanced the performance of the show, but also create and foil the atmosphere, making the stage lighting change colorful. .The DMX control system is also modulated according to the customer's requirements. The following is the feedback diagram from the customer.

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