100W LED floodlight for warehouse in American

512 Published by admin 07 16,2018

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100W LED floodlight for warehouse in American

Basic info:
Product Used: 100W led indoor flood lights
-Using 300pcs 100W led indoor flood lights (GL-FL-100W)
-Beam Angle: 60°
-CCT of LED light: 5000K
Installation Date: Jan 2017
According to today's warehouse lighting requirements, the first requirement is to consider environmental protection and energy conservation. Limit glare, require no flicker. At the same time, choose a longer life light source to reduce the manpower and material resources. Improve visual conditions, make people feel relaxed and happy under light and reduce light pollution.
MECREE flood light fixtures meet the requirements of the above warehouse lighting, and the energy saving is 80% to 90%, and the life of the lamp exceeds 100,000 hours. Our American customers ordered 300 pieces of MECREE 100watt led floodlights to replace the old lighting system in the warehouse, which made the warehouse completely new.

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