200pcs 500W For The Hockey Arena

88 Published by admin 03 26,2021

After half a year of discussion and negotiation, the customer finally confirmed an order for a hockey arena lighting – 200pcs AFL-500W LED flood light on March 8th, 2021.

There is no doubt that high-quality lighting plays a vital role in hockey, because players are expected to act quickly when trying to hit or stop a small puck. The uniform light distribution and color temperature matching the daylight ensure that you have the best light on the ice rink.

In order to eliminate the risk of purchase, we will make a Dialux lighting design for the customer. We can simply use our LED lighting options to run various options and provide you with the right guidance and the right information. You only need to provide some simple project information and requirements.

Requirements for this project are as follows:

  1. Ice hockey placePerpendicular illuminance at a height 1.5 m — not less than 3200lux;
  2. The average level of vertical illumination at a height of 1.5 m above the ice surfaceof the hockey field in the direction of the leading television camera during competitions with a color television broadcast Evert. — not less than 2500 lux;
  3. The coefficient of uniformity of vertical illumination in the direction of the leadingTV camera Emin. / Ecr. — not less than 0.8 and Emin./Emax. – not less than 0.65, the coefficient of uniformity of horizontal illumination Emin. / Ecr. — not less than 0.8;
  4. The coefficient of uniformity of vertical illumination in the direction of othertelevision cameras Emin. / Ecr — – not less than 0.6 and Emin./Emax. – not less than 0.4.
  5. Installation height: 18.5m;

Lighting Design:

Product: 200pcs AFL-500W LED flood light

Beam Angle: 60deg, 30deg

Color Temperature: 5700K

Color Rendering Index: Ra90

In addition, we can also customize the bracket for the existing installation method of the arena to achieve the perfect installation.

Standard Bracket:

Customized Bracket:

After confirming all the details with the customer, we started production on March 15th and completed production on the 19th.

The customer came to inspect the goods on the morning of the 22nd, made sure that there was no problem and paid the balance. We arranged the shipment on the 23rd.

MECREE is a manufacturer with more than ten years of experience in LED sports lighting. We provide professional lighting design, the most cost-effective lighting solution, the fastest delivery time and the most guaranteed after-sales service. Contact us now and let us help you in your next project.

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