Luminous flux, unit: lumen or lm
The total amount of the lighting emitted

The light intensity, unit: candela or cd
The flux of light emitted from a unit of solid Angle in a particular direction

Intensity of illumination, unit: lux or lx
The flux of light per unit area of an illuminated object

Brightness, unit: cd/m2
The flux of light emitted per unit area within a specific directional unit of the emitter

The average lifespan
Under the condition of quality control, the average life is the number of hours when the batch light is ignited and its completion rate is 50%

Color temperature
Marked by the absolute temperature K (Kelvin), is a standard black body heating, temperature rise to a certain degree of color, starting to change from red – light red – orange yellow – white – blue – white – blue gradually .The absolute temperature of the black body at that time is called the relative color temperature of the light source

Color rending index (Ra)
A measure of the ability of the light source to reveal the true color of the object being illuminated, the higher the CRI (0-100) ,the reproduction of color is closer to the natural primary color

Light efficiency, unit: lm/w
The efficiency of the light source to convert electric energy into visible light, that is, the light flux emitted by the light source using every watt of electric energy. The higher the value is, the higher the efficiency of the light source will be. The light efficiency is an important parameter to evaluate the economic performance of the light source

Power factor
The ratio of the actual input power of the line to the surface power, with an ideal value of 1, below 1, resulting in loss of the conveying system and increased load on the generating equipment

Ballast factor
The ratio of the light flux of the lamp to the light flux of the ballasts matching the rated power supply voltage and the light flux of the lamp to the light flux of the reference ballasts matching the rated power supply voltage
IP Rating (IP)
The lights shall be classified according to their characteristics of dust-proof, non-invasive, waterproof and moisture-proof
The objects referred to herein include tools. Human finger lamps shall not touch the live parts of the lamps to avoid electric shock
IP protection level is composed of two Numbers, the first number represents the lamp dust, prevent foreign invasion level. The second number indicates that the lamp is moisture-proof and waterproof. The larger the number, the higher the protection level

The degree of protection indicated by the first characteristic number

The degree of protection indicated by the second characteristic number

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