MECREE LED Lights for Baseball Fields

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LED Luminaires Save Money

Let’s face it, one of your first concerns with a type of lighting is how it fits within your budget. LED luminaires are substantially cheaper to run and maintain than other forms of light like Metal Halide and High-Pressure Sodium (HPS). When compared to an MECREE LED Luminaire of equal lumens output, these inferior lighting systems use up to 50% more energy per fixture.

If that isn’t impressive enough, LED Luminaires don’t require a ballast. Ballasts require even more energy, bringing other lighting systems up to 66% more energy use than an LED.

LED Luminaries Decrease Maintenance

If first base is saving money, then second base is decreasing maintenance. If you’ve ever had to work on a lighting fixture, you know how difficult it is to replace mounted lighting systems that are elevated high above the field. It can be just as painful to pay a maintenance crew to do it for you.

There’s an easy solution to your problem. LED bulbs can last 100,000 hours or more. That’s 4x the lifespan of any lesser lighting system, meaning you’ll spend 75% less on replacing bulbs, and you’ll never have to maintain a ballast.

LED Luminaires are Built to Last

Whether you’ve got a baseball stadium in the desert with temperatures eclipsing 100° F or you’re in the middle of a winter wonderland, MECREE LED Luminaires have you covered. Their lightweight, durable, die-cast design has high wear resistance to withstand extreme outdoor conditions and corrosive environments.

The proprietary thermal management design maximizes heat dissipation with passive cooling for higher life expectancy in warmer climates. Consider that LED lighting is more efficient and converts more energy to light than heat, unlike an HPS or Metal Halide, and you have a recipe for durable, long-lasting baseball field lights.

MECREE LED Luminaries Meet and Exceed Lighting Requirements for Major League Baseball which means you can have the same lighting experience at your local Little League Fields.

Believe it or not, Little League fields have requirements for baseball field lights. If you’re in charge of maintaining a field, you’re likely very familiar with them. The lighting requirements vary depending on the level of broadcasting that is required. This requirement is intended to prevent hot spots, shadows, or glare that can inhibit player visibility on the field. MECREE LED Luminaires have no problem meeting and exceeding these requirements due to their wide beam angles that allow for the even spread of light across large areas of the field.

LED Luminaires Enhance Player Performance

Every home run, stolen base, and line-drive requires precision and a clear line of sight. Even the slightest dark shadow, glare, or eye-strain can ruin a play before it even starts. Your players don’t want to be hindered by poor lighting, and your spectators want to see the best possible product on the field.

To ensure that glare and eye fatigue are eliminated, MECREE LED Luminaires operate at a high color rendering index nearly identical to natural sunlight. This guarantees optimal visual comfort for both players and spectators alike.


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Focused beam spreads of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 allow for optimized configuration for your field, and even in the darkness of night, the natural lighting can make it appear like a day game. Shadows are eliminated, and natural colors are shown vividly due to the color rendering index > 85. Neither fans nor players will miss a single play or lose a ball in the outfield.

LED Luminaries Increase Safety both On and Off the Field

If you’ve ever played outfield, you know just how important it is to see where you’re going when running for a fly ball. If there are any dark spots or if the lighting is causing an uncomfortable glare, it’s easy to hit a divot and twist an ankle or miss your play entirely. MECREE LED Luminaires prevent injuries by reducing dark spots and glare.

The same is true for off-field lighting. It’s easy to miss a bleacher or trip on a set of steps in poor lighting. The bright, focused light of an LED Luminaire ensures that no missteps occur due to inadequate lighting in your stadium, keeping fans safe day and night.

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