Golf Court in Burma 500W 1000W

472 Published by admin 07 16,2018

Golf Court in Burma 500W 1000W

Project Label: 500W 1000W LED Floodlight for Golf Court in Burma

Product Used: 300W Stadium LED Floodlight
– Using 6 pcs 500W Stadium LED Flood Light (GL-FL-500W)
53 pcs 1000W Stadium LED Flood Light (GL-FL-1000W)
– Beam Angle: 24°
– CCT of LED light: 5000K

This is a golf course in Burma. The customer are using our 6 pcs 500W LED sports lighting fixtures for gofl driving range, and 53 1000W LED sports lighting fixtures used for golf course. The pole is 15 meters high, and one 1000W is placed on one pole. In the project, MH 2000W lamps are replaced with our stadium light fixtures. Our customer was amazed to say that our lamp was much brighter than the old lamp, giving people a feeling of natural light, the clients who often come to play golf said that is very awesome to experience this feeling. Our customer said we will buy the LED stadium floodlights from you when the projects come next time.

How many benefits you will enjoy?

1. "Because the temperature is very high in our country, I am afraid that it will affect the life...

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