Futsal field lighting design

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Futsal is a variant of football.The name comes from the Portuguese futebol de salao and the Spanish futbol sala or futbol DE salon, which means “room football”.Indoor football.In futsal, each team has only five players playing instead of the usual 11.Other differences between futsal and regular football include playing on smaller pitches, using smaller goal sizes and smaller footballs, and shorter match times. The games are usually played indoors.

The pitch is 1.5 meters away from the edge line to set up 3-4 poles, each pole height of 6 meters or more
A match shall be played by two teams, each team shall not play more than five players, one of whom must be a goalkeeper
The competition field is about 45 meters long and 28 meters wide

Although five-a-side football has a short development time, its method of competition has a high value of exercise, and it is also interesting.
The characteristics of flexibility can also enrich amateur cultural life, edify sentiment
FIFA is particularly concerned about the development of the sport because of the popularity of such small-scale games around the world and the rapid development of the game.In 1989, FIFA officially included Futsal as its governing body.

Optical principle

Using the secondary optical principle PC lens, high transmittance and heat resistance, the principle of infinitesimal optics makes the utilization rate reach 98%, with low residual light and no stroboflash.

High efficiency and energy saving

The GL-SFL series LED court lights can replace the metal halide lamps with the same power in a ratio of 1:3, with the energy saving reaching over 65% and the service life of the whole lamp reaching over 80,000 hours. Compared with the average service life of only 3,000 to 5,000 hours of the metal halide light source, the maintenance frequency of the lamps is greatly reduced, thus saving the maintenance cost.At the same time, the traditional metal halide lamp takes too long to start, and it will take 30 minutes to restore the lighting if the stadium is cut off unexpectedly and the power supply is restored. The LED lamp can be turned on instantly, which completely avoids the problem of the interruption of the game for a long time caused by the unexpected power failure

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