African Senior Athletics Championship

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Section 1: Stephen Keshi stadium lighting design reference

LOC 21st Edition Of African Senior Athletics Championship 2018 Asaba

Stephen Keshi Stadium

Stephen Keshi stadium is a multifunctional stadium located in Asaba, Nigeria. It was originally called Asaba Township stadium, named after football superstar Stephen Keshi. The stadium hosts the 2018 African track and Field Championships and can accommodate 22000 people. It came into operation in 2018.

Section 2: 5 importance of stadium lights?Stephen Keshi Stadium

1.1: Stadium lighting is needed for athletes to play normally

Stadium lighting is needed for athletes to play normally

In order for athletes to play normally, stadium lighting must meet certain lighting requirements. Generally speaking, the larger the field, the faster the speed, the smaller the moving objects, the higher the lighting standard. The athlete is in the field, the closer to the opponent and the ball, the sight of the athlete and the referee is not blocked. Therefore, for the athlete and the referee, the horizontal illumination of 150-300lx can meet the needs of normal competition.

1.2 : Stadium lighting is what the audience needs to watch the game

Stadium lighting is what the audience needs to watch the game

The level of lighting required by athletes is different from that of spectators. Sports are placed in the arena, and the line of sight is relatively close, so a relatively low level of lighting can meet the needs of the game; The audience is different, their purpose is to watch the game, relatively speaking, the audience’s sight is relatively far, the viewing position is relatively fixed, as the athletes move, the audience’s sight also moves accordingly.

Therefore, as the viewer’s viewing distance increases, the lighting level increases accordingly, and illuminance is a key indicator of whether the viewer is clear.

1.3 : Stadium lighting is a need for color TV relay games

Stadium lighting is a need for color TV relay games

Color TV technology is very closely linked to sports events, It enables the rapid promotion and popularization of sports worldwide. The development of color TV technology requires higher and higher levels of lighting. Black and white TV, color TV, and high-definition TV. Every technological progress means the improvement of lighting standards. Photography is different from videography. It records the arena footage through film sensitization. The quality of photos or movies depends mainly on factors such as exposure, clarity, and color rendering.

1.4 : Stadium lighting is a need for print media

Stadium lighting is a need for print media

In addition to radio and television, photojournalists, newspapers, magazines and other print media reporters should also report on the event. The reporters have a fixed press booth, and they must also conduct interviews and reporting within a certain range and time. Therefore, sports lighting To meet the needs of this group of people.

1.5 : Stadium lighting is the need for advertising in the venue

Stadium lighting is the need for advertising in the venue

There is also a group of people on the arena that should be paid attention to. This is the advertisers who advertise around the venue. Advertising revenue is also an important source of income for sports clubs and competition organizers. For the sponsor, the advertiser is his client, satisfying the client’s needs. Stadium lighting for advertising, as long as it can be seen clearly by the audience, but also can be clearly transmitted through television and other media.

Section 3: Everything you want to know about football stadium?

1.1: Understand Your Football Stadium

Understand Your Football Stadium

Dialux has different pole configurations of photometric lighting design, first and foremost, to obtain the layout of sports field and high pole. We will draw a 3D model to simulate the actual outdoor environment. The more information we have, the more accurate the lighting plan we can provide.

For this field, it is very common to have a 4-pole, 6-pole or circular roof arrangement. The height of the mast can reach 30 to 50 meters. The LED lights are mounted on the corresponding 3D light poles.

1.2: Understand how many lux does your football stadium need?

First things we need know the Lux Level, Television or non TV broadcast? The lux level standard is different between t Television or non TV broadcast competitions. According to the FIFA’s stadium lighting guide, the class V (i.e. international televised such as World Cup) football field has the highest standard level of 2400 lux (vertical – face of football players), and 3500 lux (horizontal – the turf). If the football field is for community (recreational use), we need 200 lux level. The high school or college football club can have 500 lux.

led football stadium lighting standard

1.3: Select stadium floodlights

It needs hundreds of high-power floodlights to provide enough brightness for the Premier League, the Olympics or other professional football fields.

We can’t use the same settings in different projects because the club height, lux requirements, the horizontal distance between the court and the pole, and other parameters are unique. Our engineers will choose the best combination of LED power and beam angle.

1.4: Lamp orientation

After selecting the appropriate power and beam angle, we will rotate the lights inside the software to further improve the uniformity of ground lighting. The projection angle of each lamp is fine tuned to optimize its brightness and uniformity. Contact us now for this quality service.

1.5: Dialux photometric Report

After the complex work is completed, the results are output as a Dialux file, which consists of pseudo color rendering, isolines, and value charts.

1.6: What’s The Most Easily Neglected Problem?

Artificial shadows on the pitch caused by floodlighting systems detract from visual clarity for both spectators and television broadcasters. The shadows impinge upon the viewing experience and should be eliminated where possible or reduced to soft shadows.

During the pitch illuminance design process, it is important to evaluate the production of player shadows and eliminate any hard shadows. This will generally be done by using multiple light sources from various locations for each area of the pitch. This will mean that shadows are reduced and players will benefit from good illuminance modelling around their entire bodies. This will be essential to provide the adequate vertical illuminance and uniformity on all planes.

The image above demonstrates the impact of player shadows on a football pitch.

In some stadiums, the existing infrastructure will mean that a four-corner tower/column floodlighting system is the only viable option in terms of the pitch lighting design. Corner tower illuminance systems will generally produce hard shadows, which will vary in different areas of the pitch. With this type of installation, it is not possible to produce consistently soft shadows.

The image above is an example of the soft shadows created by an effective solution involving multiple light sources from different locations.

The image above is an example of hard shadows in the goal area. Shadows should be reduced where possible, while ensuring that players are not hindered by discomfort glare.

Section 4: Spill Light (Light up your field, not your neighbor ’s house)

Light pollution affects the daily lives of surrounding residential areas, and the strong lights may also blur the vision of the road users nearby. According to the international standard, the brightness of the spill light should not exceed 10 to 25 lux. By having the comprehensive lighting design, we can suppress the unwanted light in the greatest extent.

Light up your field, not your neighbor s house


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