400W LED Floodlight for outdoor tennis courts

766 Published by admin 07 16,2018

400W LED Floodlight for outdoor tennis courts

Project Label: 400W LED Floodlight for TC MEZE tennis Court 3 and 4 PICS in Franceby

Basic info:
Size of playing ground: two standard Tennis Courts
Height: 15meters
Average illuminance required: 400W
Installation date: May, 2018


Product Used: 400W Stadium LED Floodlight
– Using 8 pcs 400W Stadium LED Flood Light (GL-SFL-400W)
– Beam Angle: 60°
– CCT of LED light: 5000K

This is a sucess case of tennis courts in France, where is near the seaside.
Totally 4 tennis courts in France, 8pcs GL-SFL-400w 60° 150lm/w 4 poles for tennis Court 3 and 4. 16 pcs 200W for the tennis Court 1 and 2. In the lighting design for the tennis Court 3 and 4 , the average lux is 190lux, and the maximum value is 299lux. In the real site, our clients tested with 427 lux when the lux meter on his hand. On the ground, there is 395 lux.

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