200W and 400W LED Floodlight for Outdoor Soccer Field

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Do you want to a powerful supplier can provide a whole series service including solution, lights, cable, poles and so on?
Do you still worry the spillover light affect the surrounding of sports lighting?
Do you still worry will stadium lighting have a strong glare affecting the game?
Do you worry about a floodlight with a 4D radiator and the largest heat dissipation area in a high temperature outdoor environment?
Do you want to select the best stadium lights for tennis courts?
Do you want to save cost for a football field lighting project?

200W and 400W LED Floodlight for Outdoor Soccer Field

Project Label: Soccer Field @ Bogota Colombia
Basic info:
Size of playing ground: Four small fields
Field # 1: 45*25 M
Field # 2: 40*25 M
Field # 3: 33*19 M
Field # 4: 34*19 M
Height: 8.5M
Average illuminance required: 450lux
Installation date: May. 2016
Product Used: 200W and 400W LED Floodlight
– Using 12pcs 400W Stadium LED Flood Light (GL-FL-400W)
24pcs 200W Stadium LED Flood Light (GL-FL-200W)
– Beam Angle: 60°
– CCT of LED light: 5700K
– Average illuminance: 500lux

This field is a new whole soccer filed lighting venue. The customer tested the lamp sample for 200watt and 400watt led flood light at NOV 2015. The customer was impressed with the brightness and quality of MECREE LED Floodlight. After a 3-month field test and comparison with other lamps on the market, Customers were very satisfied with the quality and overall performance of MECREE outdoor led flood lights, and finally placed a formal order of soccer filed lights for sale on FEB 2016.

During the field installation, the customer continuously communicated with the MECREE of engineer team. The MECREE engineer team gave the customer the best installation instructions for soccer field lights. Our customer was satisfied with the final site installation results.

The client sent a series of field installation picture and Aerial photography video. And they also trust they will have more and more outdoor led flood lights business for soccer field lights. If you are interested in this project of soccer field floodlights, please contact us for more pictures and videos.

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