Tennis court lighting layout

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The tennis court is 23.744m long, 10.974m wide, and the net height is 0.9~1.06m. The diameter of the tennis ball is 6.3~6.6cm. The ball is white, gray or colored and the surface of the ball is rough. The outdoor course is grass, red clay, asphalt or concrete.

Tennis court lighting layout


Outdoor tennis court lighting systems are generally set up as follows:

(1) Sidelights of the poles are used on both sides of the site.
(2) Two or three pole positions on each side are arranged on both sides in the long axis direction. Now the official competition venue, there are also plans to use 4 poles on each side.
(3) Tennis courts for general entertainment, with a pole installation height of at least 8m.
(4) For a single tennis court in a formal competition, the pole installation height is at least 12m.
(5) If the auditorium is arranged along one side or both sides of the venue, the lighting pole should be located behind the auditorium to avoid interference with the viewer.

Tennis usually moves at a high speed in a short distance, and it is necessary to judge the running direction of the ball in a short time, so tennis requires a high visual demand.

When designing outdoor tennis court lighting, pay special attention to the different requirements of lighting for clubs and personal entertainment. The club has to hold a higher tennis match, which not only requires good lighting on the site, but also requires sufficient brightness in a space above the site. Therefore, the height of the light pole of a single outdoor tennis court in the club (official competition) must be such that the minimum installation distance of the lowest luminaire is 12m (15m for two side-by-side venues and 18m for three side-by-side venues). For a single tennis court in general entertainment, the pole height is at least 8m (11m for two side-by-side venues and 14m for three side-by-side venues). The poles are arranged outside the sideline and can be equipped with 2 poles on each side. Three light poles (with floodlights) can be provided. However, if there are multiple sites, it is best not to install a light pole between the two sites. If the floodlight cannot be accurately aimed, or the light intensity distribution is too wide, the lighting device can generate disability glare outside the playing field. At this time, it is necessary to take measures to prevent the glare or to select the appropriate beam angle for illumination. CIE42 recommends that the outdoor tennis court illuminance value is 300lx in the training mode and 500th in the game mode. The indoor tennis court is 300lx in the entertainment mode, the training mode is 500lx, and the competition mode is 750lx. One of the reasons for the difference in illumination requirements between indoors and outdoors is to limit the brightness contrast between the stadium and the surrounding environment.

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