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LED Basketball Court Lighting

Product Specification:

  • Power Supply Inventronics/Meanwell
  • Supply Voltage 100-277V/200-480V AC
  • System Power 240W - 1800W
  • Beam Angle 15/30/60/40*85
  • CCT 3000K/4000K/5000K/5700K/6500K
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Basketball is one of the most popular and commonly played sport at different levels, from school to college, and from the backyard to professional.

This sport is played indoors and outdoors in a basketball court. Lighting has a huge role to play during a match. For instance, a court lacks sufficient light, this will make it challenging for the players to see the ball while the audience will not see what is happening.

Basketball court lights led indoor

Traditional stadiums usually use 400W halogen or sodium lamps, although unit lamp cheap, but not durable, and very power-intensive, life is not long, but always need to maintain. With the development of LED lamps, many basketball cours now use LED lamps, a 150W LED lamps can completely replace 400W halogen lamps, more than half of the energy saving. Not only save energy, but also up to 50000-80000 hours life service time. Let’s explore how can we light up the basketball court and hoop with LED at night.

Standard Illuminance For Basketball Court

The lighting design and standard would be different for residential, recreational, commercial and professional outdoor basketball courts. According to basketball lighting guidebook, it takes around 200 lux for the backyard and recreational events. Since the size of a standard basketball court is 4700 sq. feet (437 sq. meter), we need around 200 lux x 437 = 87400 lumens.

Then, how many powers do we need to light up the basketball court? As our LED basketball court lights has 150 lumens per watt, we need at least 87400 / 150 = 583 watt LED. However, it is just an estimation only. If you have any questions, please feel free to consult our lighting designers and engineers by filling in the information in our contact form.

Here you can select the lux level as you need for your basketball courts.

Sport Styles Eh Evmai Evaux Horizontal illumination Vertical illumination Ra Tk(K)
U1 U2 U1 U2 20 4000
Amateur level Physical training 150 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Non competition, recreational activities 300 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Domestic competition 600 0.5 0.7 65 4000
Professional level Physical training 300 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Domestic competition 750 0.5 0.7 65 4000
TV broadcast domestic matches 750 500 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 65 4000
TV broadcast international competition 1000 750 0.6 0.7 0.4 0.6 80 4000
HDTV rebroadcast competition 2000 1500 0.7 0.8 0.6 0.7 80 4000
TV emergency 750 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 80 4000

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Design

1.Lighting Arrangement for minimum glare

The light should be placed in a position where the glare phenomenon can be minimized to the athlete and spectators who play the game.

The outdoor basketball court has a small lighting area. It is appropriate to place lighting fixture on both sides of the court rather than the backside of the court. It is necessary to pay attention to the design of the indoor and outdoor stadiums. Because Indoor and outdoor stadiums have different lighting standards.

1.Lighting Arrangement for minimum glare

2.Installation height of Outdoor Basketball Court lighting fixtures

The installation height of a outdoor basketball court lighting fixture is an important issue in the design of sports lighting, and it should be positioned so that glare does not occur to the player running the field.

In the basketball court, considerable part of the gaze of the athletes, the spectators, and the camera traces the line of sight due to the characteristics of the game, the basketball court lights design is carried out considering the part.

Installation height of Outdoor Basketball Court lighting fixtures

3.Outdoor basketball court lighting arrangement should meet the following requirements

(1) No TV broadcast is suitable for both sides of the court.
(2) The lamp should not be arranged in the range of 20 degrees along the bottom line of the ball frame, the distance between the bottom of the lamp pole and the realization of the site should not be less than 1 meter, the height of the lamp should meet the vertical connection between the lamp and the center line of the site, and the angle between the lamp and the ground plane should not be less than 25 degrees.

led basketball court light design
(3) Under any lighting mode, the arrangement of lampposts should not obstruct the audience’s attention.
(4) Symmetrical lighting arrangement is provided on both sides of the site to provide the same lighting.
(5) The height of the lamp should not be less than 12 meters, and the height of the outdoor basketball lights should not be less than 8 meters.

Indoor Basketball Court Lighting Design

1.Direct Lighting Layout

indoor basketball court lighting

Indoor Basketball Court Lighting can usually be arranged in the following three ways

(1)Top lamps arrangement above the field. This arrangement is more economical and suitable for low-space sports projects. Usually the vertical illuminance is lower, but stereo feeling is not that good, shadow is more abrupt.

basketball court lights

(2)Mixed lamps arrangement of lamps. A combination of top arrangement and two sides arrangement. This arrangement is generally suitable for multi-purpose stadiums where the appropriate ratio of horizontal and vertical illumination can be obtained.

(3)Side lamps arrangement of lamps. The arrangement of lamps on both sides is arranged on both sides of the site, and the beam is not perpendicular to the layout of the site. This arrangement is suitable for sports with high space, but pay attention to the uniform illumination and glare control of the field.

2.The layout of lamps should meet the following requirements

(1)Symmetrical lighting fixtures should be selected for the top layout, which are suitable for gymnasiums where low space is mainly used and the uniformity of horizontal illumination on the ground is high and there is no requirement for TV relay. As shown in the figure:

indoor basketball court lighting design

(2) A variety of light distribution lamps should be chosen for the mixed layout, which is suitable for large general gymnasium. The arrangement of lamps and lanterns can be seen at the top and sides.

basketball court lighting design

(3)Sides lamp arranging should select asymmetrical light distribution lamps, arranged on the bridle path, suitable for high vertical illumination requirements and television broadcasting requirements of the stadium. When the lamp is on both sides, the aiming angle of lamps should not be greater than 65 degrees, as shown in the figure.

led basketball court light two side layout plan

(4)Light fixtures with medium and wide beams should be used according to the arrangement of lighting fixtures. They are suitable for building space with low floor height, good span angle and roof conditions. They are also suitable for gymnasiums with stricter glare restrictions and no TV transmission requirements. They are not suitable for suspended lamps and building structures with bridle path installation.

The indoor basketball court lighting design is characterized by high lighting space, generally 13-20m, and a few small stadiums with lower height, 6-12m. The selection of indoor basketball court lighting fixtures requires high efficiency and good light distribution characteristics.

High efficiency basketball court lights

Specification of Basketball Court lights

Specification of Basketball Court lights

MECREE LED basketball court lights are widely used indoor and outdoor sites, such as tennis court, basketball court, lighting tower, badminton court, mining lighting and so on.

outdoor basketball court lighting design

Basketball Stadium DIALux Lighting Design

What is DIALux Simulation?

DIALux is a design tool that lighting engineers use to calculate and visualize the lighting requirements for specific applications. It determines which type of basketball court lights are needed, the number of basketball court light fixtures and wattage for each, and how far apart they should be placed. It also provides a visualization of the lighting coverage, so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

It’s as close to “try before you buy” as you can get.

Dialux for FREE basketball court lights

Have you ever met that problem which request you to show DIALux lighting simulation to your clients? What to do if you don’t have it on hand? It does help a lot to win basketball court lighting project.

How Do I Get A Free DIALux Simulation?

outdoor basketball court led lighting

All we need to know is to get the following answers, then our professional lighting designer will provide you the most professional basketball court light solution.

1.Site Type and New Installation or old lamps replacement?
2.Current lamps information (for replacement)
3.Size of field, quantity of poles? Height of Poles? (for new court)
4.The illuminate level requirement?
5.Budget plan limit?

Cost of Televised Basketball Court Lighting

How much does it cost to run the basketball court lighting? Take the top-class, televised event for an example, the lux requirement is 2000 lux, and then it requires around 6000W LED basketball court lights. If a basketball court match takes around an hour, the running cost of basketball court lighting due to electricity is 6000W x $0.12/1000 = $0.72 per hour. If they turn on for 8 hours, the daily running cost would be $5.76, and monthly $172.8. If you use halogen bulbs, the electricity cost will be 10 times more as the energy efficiency of halogen light is 10 times less than LED (60000W halogens are needed). Need to know information, please click here Why are LED stadium lights better than metal halide lamp?

300W LED Floodlights VS 800W MH

Product 300wLED Floodlights 800W MH
Power 300W 800W
Self-loss power 23W 170W
Total power 323W 970W
Power consumption/ hour 0.323 kw·h 0.97kw·h
Working current 0.75A 3.11A
Start-up performance Open and light 5 minutes
Noise sound No Yes
Frequency flicker 2.64 t / s 50 t / s
Lifespan 50000 hrs 6000-10000 hrs
CRI ﹥80% <60%
PF ﹥0.98 <0.8

Electricity cost comparision

According to the calculation of 5 hours per day, 1 days and 365 days, the electricity consumption is 1 RMB per hour.
300W LED basketball court lights: 0.323 kw·h/pcs x 5 hours 365 days * 1 RMB * 35 sets of =20,631.6 RMB=USD3126
800W metal halide lamp: 0.97 kw·h/pcs * 5 hours 365 days * 1 * 35 sets of =61,958.8 RMB=USD9387.7
The above calculation shows that the 35pcs 300w LED floodlights are 1 years’ electricity saving cost.
The 300wLED projection lamp saves and saves electricity 66% per year than 800W metal halide lamp: 61958.8 RMB -20631.6 RMB =41,327.8 RMB=USD6261.8
LED 300W saves electricity charges for two years: 41327.8 RMB and 2 RMB =82,655.6 RMB=USD12523.6


Quality LED basket court lights will not only save a lot of money from long-term operating but also brings many benefits for players, spectators and broadcasting. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right led lights for basketball court. If you have any new lighting project, welcome to contact us by Professional service and best basketball court lights are available to support you.

What can MECREE do for you?

what can mecree do for you

All Areas LED FLood Light

Bright but no glaring

High uniformity

Precise installation angle

Best STADIUM LIGHTS – Special Designed for sports lighting | MECREE LED

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4. What's your lux request?
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      Let's start design your lighting project.
      Please try to answer our following questions or call us.

      1. What kind of field you need to light up? Is a new court or need to replace the old lamps?

      2. If you need to replace the old lamps, what's your current lamps?

      3. What's the size of your lighting field? How many poles? What's the height of your poles?

      4. What's your lux request?

      5. What's the quantity you need?

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