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IES Publishes Lighting Requirements for Soccer Fields

The Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IES) has announced publication of IES RP-6-15 — “Sports and Recreational Area Lighting.” The comprehensive Recommended Practice document is focused on lighting specifications for participants and spectators in sports and includes guidelines for a broad variety of activities ranging from croquet to soccer. The level of detail in the lighting specification is exactly what specifiers will need to deliver excellent illumination in sports and recreation venues. For example, the document describes lighting specifically for boxing and wrestling and classifies them as ground-based sports. The lighting is more important for spectators and officials than for the participants. The fundamental recommendation for such activities is a definition of horizontal illuminance on a plane near or just above ground level. And the guidelines are broken up by class of venue with those classes defined in the nearby table. What is LED stadiu...

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Football stadium lights for sale | Buy directly from the factory

Many customers send us inquiries about the cost and price of stadium lighting (usually involving the replacement or refurbishment of 1000W to 2000W old metal halide lighting sources) when illuminating the football field and other large outdoor areas. So, what is the price of LED stadium lights and sports lighting in 2020? We have learned that the average requirement for most fields is 200 lux. However, we have experience with all types of lighting from 100 to 2400 lux. However, 2400 lux is generally only suitable for International competition standards, which have weekly TV HD or 4K broadcast. Assuming that a venue requires approximately 200 lux, this means that customers should aim to install a total of 20000 watts of overall lighting power (approximately 20 pcs 1000 Watt led floodlights or sports lights) in the stadium. In general, the budget for completing a specific type of football field should be around 14000 USD, also depending on the model or level of LED light you choose. ...

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Football stadium lights price and high masts supporting services

As one of the most popular sports in the world, football game has driven the construction and upgrading of series of football stadiums. The main facility is the football stadium lights and high masts. As a professional led stadium lighting manufacturers, Mecree can provide professional one-stop services, including football stadium lights and high masts supporting services. Let’s explore more info about football stadium lights and high masts pole. Section 1: How much do football stadium lights cost? When comparing the total cost of fooball project, we should consider the entire combination of football stadium cost. It includes football stadium lights price, installation cost , electricity bill and maintenance cost. 1)What are football stadium lights price? The price is different on the market and there is no standard. It depends on the quality and types of football field lights. For a standard football stadium, Led 1000w stadium lights can replace 2000w metal Halide lamp directly. T...

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Football stadium lights background | How to choose the right supplier?

A few years ago, most stadium lighting still used traditional high-intensity gas discharge lamps-metal halide lamps. However, the characteristics of metal halide lamps, such as short lifespan, single color temperature, and long warmming up time, have increasingly failed to meet the lighting requirements of stadiums. With the rapid development of LED lighting, the application of LEDs in stadium lighting has also attracted more and more attention. LED lighting is very suitable for sports lighting due to its unique characteristics such as long lifepan, environmental protection, high efficiency and energy saving, instant start. In an international football game, there must be a high-definition television broadcast configuration, so how can the overall appearance of the football field be clearly and naturally displayed in front of the TV audience, where the effect of the light is played The decisive role. What kind of lights can bring good results to football field shooting? How should w...

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6 FAQ of Best LED Cricket Field & Stadium Light (June 2020 Update)

We Create the Best Stadium Lighting LED Stadium lights from MECREE are the best solution for sports fields when comparing to metal halide, HPS and halogen, because of its high energy efficiency. Apart from saving the electricity cost, our lighting for cricket fields can enhance the users’ compliance. You can select our high power flood lighting fixtures of stadium, we have a wide range of power from 100 to 5000 watt (15000 to 750000 lumens). Our LED sports lights saves up to 75% energy and lasts for 80000 hours. If you are looking for the high-power flood lights for your stadium, please do not hesitate to approach our engineer to get the free lighting design. 1. What is the standard size of cricket ground? There are no fixed dimensions for a cricket field. However the ICC does mandate dimensions for a field to host an international competition, and the majority of First Class pitches would also aim to fit within these dimensions. The ICC Test Match playing conditions states: The p...

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How to Do A Successful Cricket Stadium Lighting Project?-Boland Cricket Stadium in South Africa

A successful cricket stadium lighting project includes not only the clearest lighting design to display the best lighting effects, the best way to install LED stadium lights at high points, but also an energy-efficient user experience result. Some of the most common projects include replacing the cricket stadium lighting system, installing and upgrading the lighting design. Cricket can be played outdoors or indoors, played as a game or practiced in a net. Both require a high lighting level so that players, audiences, and coaches can safely follow the player’s movements and the ball’s rapid movement. So what should we know about cricket stadium lighting? 1.The importance of cricket stadium lighting Sometimes cricket can be played at a very fast pace, which requires players to react from a short distance.All phases of the game must be clearly visible. For example, the batter must clearly see the running, pitcher’s arm movement and ball transmission, while the field...

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Football stadium lights png | What kind of light are used in stadium?

As one of the most popular sports in the world, football has enthusiastic fans in all corners of the world, with more and more participants and people watching the game, the requirements for lighting are getting higher and higher. The lighting fixtures must ensure that athletes and referees can see clearly what is happening on the competition venue. All activities and scenes so that they can achieve the best performance, and the audience must also watch closely following the athletes and competitions in comfortable and pleasant environmental conditions. The stadium lighting design should not only meet the needs of all kinds of personnel on site, but also provide high-quality TV broadcast scenes for the majority of TV viewers watching the game. So, what kind of lights are the best for football stadium? This article you will find the answer. Section 1: What kind of lights are used in football stadium? | The best buyer’s guide in 2020 1. Well-known football stadium lights png a. ME...

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How Much Do Football Stadium Lights Cost? | Mecree Lighting

People were asked whether is the cheers and shouting that affected them mostly when in football games? Almost 99% answered that it is the lighting. Because some stadium lights in football stadium is too bright that affect athletes eyes, some football field lights is too dark that affect players’ playing. Therefore, we find that it is very important to replace or upgrade the football stadium lights. Most people will say how much will it cost to replace new football stadium lights? How to find the best & lowest cost for stadium lamps? Maybe you will say that I don’t have stadium, should I read it? If you love sports, you couldn’t miss it. Section 1: Cost combination of football stadium lighting The football floodlights is a very important part of the football stadium. You should know the cost combination of football stadium lighting before you buy. It includes 4 parts: Football field lights cost, Electricity cost, Installation Cost of Football Field Lights(flood light installatio...

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Football stadium lights | 2020 latest buyer’s guide

Many people are curious about the football stadium lights? And what kind of lights should use for the football stadium or other sports field ? The following content will tell you everything, even as the end user, after read these, you will know how to choose the best LED stadium lights. Section 1: What are Football Stadium Lights? The lights in the stadium are mainly divided into the lighting lamps for the stadium and the lighting lamps for the auditorium. The stadium lighting fixtures use high-power, high-intensity stadium lighting fixtures. The lamp above the auditorium is the general lighting used in the factory, but pay attention to its ability in emergency situations to ensure the safe evacuation of the audience in the event of an accident. Section 2: What You Need to Know About Stadium Lights? How to choose the best football stadium lights? 2020 latest buyer’s guide 1.Beam angle Unlike LED floodlights, stadium lights usually have a smaller angle of light, less than 30 d...

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Best LED Airport Lighting System, Let Passengers Feel Relaxed and Safe

With the increasing economic level of people, the number of people traveling or on business has grown rapidly, and shopping malls, hotels, businesses, and logistics have become an indispensable part of airport construction. At the same time, LED lighting has been regarded as a key element in reducing costs, improving operational efficiency, ensuring safety and sustainable development. Whether arriving or departing, passengers need to feel relaxed at the airport. The comfortable environment can relax people’s body and mind and be in a happy mood. LED lighting is the most important link in creating a safe and exciting environment. In addition, high-quality lighting makes important signs and information clear and easy to read to provide quick guidance. Bringing passengers a good visual experience is what makes your airport their first choice. The airport lighting is mainly distributed in the terminal building, the airport’s landside lighting, and the apron. The terminal b...

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MECREE LED Stadium Lights 2019-2020 Scholarship

MECREE LED stadium lights 2019-2020 scholarship provides an opportunity for college students to think of ways for saving energy. Undergraduate or postgraduate students studying Engineering, Earth & Environment, or Science related discipline are welcome to join. The energy crisis is affecting us now. To promote sustainable development, using LED lights in different sectors help reduce power consumption and carbon dioxide emission. Apart from lighting, there are tons of innovative ways to relieve the burden of using fossil fuels. If you are finding outside scholarships for college and willing to protect our environment, please don’t miss our less competitive scholarship! 10 winning students will be sharing US$10,000 scholarship for their efforts. To be eligible to apply, please read carefully the following instructions. Eligibility 1. Undergraduate and postgraduate students in Science, Engineering, Environment, and related discipline. 2. Studying in College, exchange students are...

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How much does it cost to build a football field?

There is no doubt that football is one of the most popular sports in the world. There are fanatic fans everywhere in the world, and even many fans spent high cost on freight tickets and admission tickets across the ocean to watch the game, just to Support favorite club or player. If you have ever participated in a football match, then you will know that this is not just a sports match. This is a different kind of experience. During watching the game, the passion, excitement and love for the sport is obvious. In order to make the fans get the best on-site viewing experience, the design of the lights, the poles, the grass, etc., it may not be surprising that a lot of money has been invested to build the stadium. Of course, in addition to world-class football stadiums, there are also many football stadiums built for the community, allowing children, young people, and elderly people to go away from the street. Allow them to spend some time in the fresh air outdoors in the sun, and do...

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