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What is the cricket lighting standards? – 2023 Updates

The popularity and potential market of cricket field lighting Cricket sports, England’s national summer sport, which is now played throughout the world, particularly in Australia, India, Pakistan, the West Indies, and the British Isles. So more and more countries are beginning to devote themselves to the development of cricket court. It is a crucial step to find a good lighting supplier. Due to the world trend of energy saving and emission reduction, more contractors hope to use LED lamps to replace traditional halogen lamps for their cricket court lighting. Good cricket lighting is important for local sport as it provides more opportunities to train and play, and assists to maximise the use of facilities. MECREE is committed to providing high-quality lighting solutions for a range of sports lighting especially cricket stadium lights. Requirement of Cricket Ground Lighting It is very high requirements for the cricket lighting ground. The required lux level depends on different typ...

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What kind of stadium lighting we need choose?

Sports fans might notice some changes in the outdoor stadiums and venues where their favorite teams compete. The older metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium lamp lighting devices in these facilities have been replaced by LED sports field lighting. When the advantages of LED over traditional outdoor sports lighting are considered, it is not difficult to understand why LED sports lighting is the winner. Compared with traditional metal halide lamps or high-pressure sodium stadium lights, outdoor LED lighting is more durable and has a longer lifespan. LED sports lighting can produce brighter and better quality light, thereby providing athletes and spectators with a better opportunity to watch the situation at the game site, thereby improving the overall quality of sports games and the entertainment value of customers. In addition, LED lamps consume less than half of the energy of traditional lamps and require less maintenance and repair over their longer service life. 900W LED st...

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Why are LED stadium lights better than metal halide lamp?

Lighting plays an important role in stadiums, arenas and other large venues. This is important not only for the people watching the game in the stands, but also for the performers in front of the crowd. Appropriate lighting is the key to good performance for on-site athletes or musicians on stage. Whether it is a sporting event, a concert, a rodeo, or a racing game, the bright LED stadium lights will make everyone involved feel happy. What are Stadium Lights? Stadium lights are very powerful sports lights, mounted on a high pole with a small beam angle, usually between 15 and 60 degrees. At these smaller beam angles, the light intensity in this angle is higher, so that bright light can reach the ground from an elevated height. Depending on the venue, stadium lights can be installed at different heights. The beam angle will vary according to the height. Some may be as low as 25 feet, but the typical height will be between 40 and 60 feet. Some stadium lights (such as those used in ...

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15 Best Lighting Exhibition & Trade Show that You Must Attend in 2020-2021

Why Attending Lighting Exhibition? Lighting fair is the best place to see the amazing growth of the lighting industry! You can quite literally see just about everything that’s related to today’s lighting market under one roof.Numerous lighting exhibitions take place every year in different parts of the world. Cities like Frankfurt,Dubai, Las Vegas, London,Philadelphia, Berlin, and Guangzhou host trade fairs that offer the latest in lighting technologies and solutions. For companies, Lighting show provide an excellent level of exposure where they can assess trends as well as competition. The demonstrations have also become more international to correspond with the growth of the global marketplace. Lighting exhibitions also expose various stakeholders of the market to new innovations including architects, engineers, property developers, and homeowners. Cutting-edge technologies are no longer a preserve of some markets as the global consumer demands dynamic solutions to their ever-cha...

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5 Benefits for Sports Stadiums Using LED Lights

Which type of lamps used to light up sports stadium? Which lights are used in sports stadium? Most sports stadiums and indoor arenas use high intensity discharge (HID) lamps for almost all of their overhead lighting needs. On average, stadium lights have much higher wattage than other outdoor lighting applications such as billboards, roadways, and parking lots. While HID lamps are very efficient, they require significant time to warm up and achieve full brightness after being extinguished. In 2013, the Super Bowl was delayed after a power disruption knocked off some lighting. It didn’t take long to get the lights back on, but it did take time for them to warm again up to full brightness. Why? Because the stadium was using HID lamps, which require a significant amount of time to warm up. The quick disruption of light leads to several minutes of delay in the game. No Warm-Up Time Unlike HID lighting, which can take as much as 20 minutes to achieve 90 percent brightness, LED lighting...

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LED Race Tracks Lighting Solution from MECREE

If you have ever seen a wreck, you know the dangers a car can present, primarily when driven at high speeds. Race tracks are no different, and despite professional drivers in the seat, there is still the risk of accidents. All it takes is one small slip up. Therefore, proper race track lighting is essential. Not only does adequate lighting ensure the safety of drivers and their crews, but it provides security to spectators and makes the overall experience more enjoyable. Traditional lighting includes metal halide, halogen floodlights, and mercury vapor lighting. Race track lighting is moving away from those and changing to LEDs. Flicker Thanks to advancing technology, almost everyone has a cell phone that is capable of capturing slow-motion or 4k photos and video. Proper race track lighting helps prevent flicker while capturing these moments, so spectators and reporters don’t miss the action. Uniformity Once the brightness is at the required level, race track lighting needs consist...

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MECREE LED Basketball Court Lighting Solutions

Basketball season means hours spent in the gym at schools, colleges and recreation centers across the country. With so many teams hitting the court every day, facilities need to ensure proper lighting for positive fan experiences and safety for players & spectators alike. Is your lighting ready for the challenge? Here’s a closer look at what you will need for lighting that will stand up well under the use and abuse of the season. Increased Durability When an errant ball flies to the ceiling and strikes the light fixture, a durable lighting option will help keep the game going without delay. Durability, even under extreme or harsh conditions, is critical for gym lighting. Not only that, but lights that will last for years without needing to be replaced are helpful in a gymnasium environment. Continuous lighting replacement involves the hassle of using a lift, potentially ruining gym floors, and shutting down the court as maintenance occurs. Proper Lighting Quality Gym lighting ...

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MECREE LED New Stadium Lighting Solutions

Lighting outdoor sports stadiums is an important part of creating a positive experience for athletes and spectators alike. While there are many sports lighting companies out there offering lighting options, if you are looking for the latest innovations in stadium lighting, you need to partner with MECREE LED. MECREE LED luminaires are the brightest, most energy-efficient and longest lasting options among sports lighting manufacturers, giving you several benefits as you search for lighting for your facility. Here’s a closer look at why our stadium lighting solutions are the ideal choice for your needs. Improved Lifespan Reduces Maintenance Costs Sports stadium lighting is one of the more difficult types of lighting to replace. Because stadium light fixtures are located so far off the ground, replacing a lamp or bulb is a tedious process. MECREE LED luminaires have a long-expected lifespan, and that means less time spent replacing bulbs or lamps. These luminaires have heat-managing t...

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Golf Courses & Driving Ranges LED Lighting Solutions

Ever tried to dig out of a sand trap, track your ball’s trajectory, or get onto the green at a golf course with poor lighting? When it comes to creating the best possible experience for your night-time golfers, audiences, and broadcasters, proper lighting is hands down the most important factor to consider. Highlight Golf Balls With a High CRI CRI, or color rendering index, is an important factor to consider when lighting your golf course or driving range. MECREE LED Luminaires have a high color rendering index of >85 that highlights a golf ball by creating a contrast between a grassy surface or dark environment and the bright white golf ball. The high CRI makes colors appear as they are and is nearly identical to sunlight. Colors appear clear, crisp, and easy to distinguish in person and on television. There are also two types of illumination to consider on our golf courses and driving ranges: vertical and horizontal. The vertical light travels to a vertical surface, such as a ...

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10 Tips for buying football field lights

Installing lighting in a football field or a stadium can provide several benefits to the fans, players, and administration. Some of the benefits of having football fields and stadium lights include flexibility planning of matches, the security of people in the stadium, and the enhancement of the fans’ experience. Based on your needs, you can decide to have temporary or permanent stadium lights. 10 Tips for buying football field lights Lighting football fields and stadiums is an experience that continues to get better with time. When the lights are installed, players have some lights directed to them. This helps them to play well and the spectators can be able to see clearly. Choosing the football field and stadium lights might be a challenge for many people. If you are planning to install the lights in your football field or stadium, here are some tips that will ensure you pick the best. Choose waterproof lights The effectiveness and longevity of football field lights depend on se...

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MECREE LED Luminaires for Oil Fields

With large equipment and outdoor spaces, oil fields are notoriously hard to properly illuminate. Shadows and poor illumination create safety risks for workers, yet many outdoor lighting options drive up energy bills significantly. MECREE LED Luminaires provide a solution that manages these risks and improves operations and safety for modern oil fields. Increase the Safety of Oil Fields with LED Lighting Oil fields are inherently risky, but the right lighting can reduce some of the risk in these environments. For instance, standard lighting options for large outdoor spaces like oil fields often need time to warm up, which means a period of minimal visibility when the light is first switched on. Not so with MECREE LED Luminaires. Our lighting solutions provide instant-on function, so you get the full spectrum of brightness the moment you switch the luminaires on. In addition, MECREE LED Luminaires provide accurate color rendering with minimal glare, so workers have an environment wit...

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LED Lighting Solutions for Natatoriums and Indoor Swimming Pools

Natatoriums and indoor swimming pools create unique lighting challenges. The presence of a large surface of water can create tremendous glare, and the water in the air can prematurely corrode the lighting, leading to early failure of lamps and lights. MECREE LED Luminaires provide a solution that overcomes both challenges, all while providing comfortable lighting that is easy on the eyes. LED Luminaires Designed for Wet Environments MECREE LED Luminaires are designed specifically for the demands of a wet, warm environment, which is common in natatoriums. These lights have undergone salt spray and corrosive testing and passed with flying colors, making them a workable solution for use oceanside. This means they are also well equipped to light indoor aquatic environments as well. They meet and exceed both National and International Standards for waterfront lighting, so they are a safe and effective option for indoor swimming pools and natatoriums as well. In addition, indoor swimming...

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