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Have You Considered Lighting Your Soccer Field?

The design of the special lights for the soccer field should be arranged according to the size and lighting requirements of the different soccer fields. The basic size of a soccer field can be divided into the following categories: 1. The size of the soccer field for 11 people is 90-120 m long and 45-90 m wide. International standard dimensions: 105-110 m long, width: 68-75 m. 2. The 5-player soccer field is rectangular, 25 to 42 m long and 15 to 25 m wide. In any case, the international competition venue area should be 38 ~ 42m long and 18 ~ 22m wide. 3. The stadium of the artificial football match is a rectangle with a length of 25-42 m and a width of 15-25 m. In any case, the international arena area should be 38-42 meters long and 18-22 meters wide. 4. Size of the soccer field for 7 people: 65-68 m long and 45-48 m wide. Soccer field lights can be divided into outdoor soccer field and indoor stadium lighting, the standard of outdoor (indoor) lighting is as follows: the length o...

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Replace 1500 Watt Metal Halide Sports Lights With LEDs And Save Money

LED soccer field lights are gaining popularity at all levels of play. These lights provide better visibility for players, coaches, spectators, announcers, and journalists. On the soccer field, every second of action counts, and having the right lighting is critical to achieving peak performance. LED lighting provides high-quality, anti-glare, bright illumination for soccer fields. If safety and environmental friendliness are on your list, LEDs are the way to go, as this type of lighting does not produce harmful ultraviolet or infrared emissions, nor does it contain mercury. The importance of beam angles Uniformity and luminosity are of the utmost importance on any sports field, including the soccer field. This can be achieved by installing LED football field lights with a combination of correct beam angles. It is crucial to remember that the higher the lights are installed, the narrower the cone needs to be to ensure you get the best lighting for your field. LED lights are smaller ...

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What are the main features of marine lighting fixtures?

The ship’s navigation light is a separate part of the ship’s lighting system and is an important light signal to ensure safe navigation of the ship at night. In any case, you must ensure that it is bright, to indicate the location of this vessel, condition, types, and presence of tugboat, etc., to avoid or pass a misunderstanding to the vessels, caused by accidents at sea. The navigation light consists of fore and aft lights, main mast lights, stern lights, port and starboard lights, and bow and stern anchor lights. It is used for night navigation and indicates the status and position of the boat. The special navigation light control box or control board is installed on the bridge, which is powered by the main power distribution board and the emergency power distribution board. The navigation light bulb is usually a 60W filament incandescent lamp. Each lamp has two sets, one of which can be used as a backup and can be turned on at the control box. The MECREE marine led...

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What is the Specific Content of Lighting Illumination Value of Golf Course?

Golf originated as a game played on the coast of Scotland in the 15th century. Golfers use clubs or clubs to hit the dunes instead of balls around them. After 1750, golf became the sport we know today. In 1774, Edinburgh golfers wrote the first standardized rules for the game of golf. What is the Specific Content of Lighting Illumination Value of Golf Course? 1. Lighting of the putter green area Push green areas must also have adequate lighting. The shadow caused by the player hitting the ball in multiple directions in the area should be minimized. The average lighting level in this area should be above 250Lx. 2. Channel lighting Along the entire length of the channel, both horizontal and vertical lighting provides good lighting conditions for the ups and downs of the mountainous area. The average level of illumination required should be above 120Lx. Average vertical illumination must be greater than 50Lx. Vertical illumination is the average vertical illumination in the cross-sec...

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What are the lighting standards of the soccer field?

 Soccer is an ancient sport with a long history. It originated from an ancient Chinese ball game called Cuju, which later spread to Europe through the Arabs and became modern football. Do you know you want to know more about the lighting of the soccer field? Football field lighting standards The professional competition requires 5600 Kelvin of correlated color temperature, which is close to the sun’s temperature of 5700K. Commercial LED lighting typically measures around 5000K, making them the closest lights to replicating the sun’s natural color temperature. Current sports field lighting standards include: 250 foot candles for Professional Competition 150 foot candles for college level soccer 50 foot candles for high school soccer fields The LED provides fans and athletes with a superior lighting experience. Indoor soccer division lighting and outdoor soccer field lighting, installing lights in different places is not the same way. Standards should be based on th...

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Published by admin10 19,2020

How should the farm use LED lights reasonably?

The use of LED lights in chicken farms for breeding is certainly a new thing and a new idea. However, we should first know how to use LED lights in chicken farms. There is a lot of knowledge in this, and this article will discuss it for everyone. It should be understood that the poultry farming industry is usually very conservative, and it must take a while to accept LED technology. However, now the poultry farming industry has completely embraced LED technology and its energy-saving benefits. In the past few years, increasingly sophisticated LED technology has gradually met the lighting needs of the poultry farming industry. A good LED lamp can save 80% to 85% energy than an incandescent lamp. But not all LED lights are the same. Practitioners in the aquaculture industry should spend time researching LED lights before buying. All LED lamps are more expensive than incandescent lamps, so you definitely don’t want to make mistakes and waste silver. Lighting is an important envi...

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Why can fishing lights only catch phototaxis fish?

Why can fishing lights only catch phototaxis fish? Certain fish have a lightly-developed physiological habit, just like the moth flashing light phenomenon we are very familiar with. There are also small creatures that are nutritious to low light, such as moonlight and lights, because they will eat their bait. At the same time, only some fish will attract light, some fish will not attract light, and some fish will even avoid light. Therefore, fishing lights can only catch light-tending fish. Don’t think that the ocean at night is only black and muddy and cannot be fished for production. In fact, thousands of years ago, fishermen knew that fish like light. The fishermen installed a barbed wire barrel on the outboard side of the ship and lit pine wood to lure fish. When the fish sees the fire, it will gather downstream of the fire. Now, with the development of wheeled fishing, electric lights have been used to lure fish. Due to the strong luminosity and ease of use, more signifi...

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LED Rugby Field Lighting | How to light a rugby field?

Rugby field lighting is an important part of rugby game, which is of great significance to rugby game. Rugby field lighting is an important part of rugby field design and is more complicated. It must not only meet the requirements of athletes and spectators, but also meet the requirements of color temperature, illumination and lighting uniformity in live television broadcasts. In addition, the way of lighting should closely match the overall plan of the rugby stadium and the structure of the stands. In particular, the maintenance of lighting equipment is closely related to architectural design, you need to think about it. What’s the rugby field lighting standard? 1. Rugby lighting requirements Because of their different uses, rugby fields have different lighting requirements. Training and entertainment level illumination 200LUX, amateur competition 300LUX, professional ratio 500LUX, in addition to higher vertical illumination TV broadcast, domestic competition 1000LUX, internationa...

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What We Can Do for Your Baseball Field Lighting? | One-stop Service

We provide baseball field lighting systems that are compatible with world class tournaments (for example, little and Major League Baseball), makes it easier than ever for stadiums of all sizes to enjoy Mecree’s famed quality and reliability. Lighting is an essential part of the game — a good baseball field lighting system makes baseball games more lively and improves players’ performance. A good baseball field lighting system includes lighting design, light fixtures, structure and electrical components with higher lighting efficiency, combined with intelligent control systems, greater durability and unmatched levels of lighting control. This page will give you a detailed introduction of the complete baseball field lighting system, we can provide you with a one-stop service of baseball field lighting. Free Baseball field lighting design We have professional engineers team that can offer the free international standard lighting layout, custom for each unique baseball...

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2020 Football stadium lights | Top 5 Brand Recommend

Lighting is an important part for kinds of stadiums,with the development of Led technology, the satisfaction of users is becoming higher and higher after replaced Metal Halides with Led football stadium lights. As one of the top 5 brands of 2020 football stadium lights, Mecree can provide the best solutions and one-stop service for sports application. Not only the best lighting experiences we can bring, but also higher ROI can be created for you. Section 1: 15 benefits of Mecree 2020 Led stadium lights-You will get 1)Top raw material, patent design High quality material ensure the based on high quality lights, Mecree adapt High-quality and Durable raw material to keep longer lifespan. High Purity Aluminum Heat Sink ensure excellent and rapid heat dissipation. High Purity Aluminum Optical Reflective Cup with electroplating treatment is not easy degradation. Glass lens and cover is easy to maintenance and ultra-long lifespan to 100 years. 2)Advanced optical design Mecree adopted a...

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How to choose the sport light for the American football field?

The National Football League is the name given to the merger of the National Football Conference and the American Football Conference. The NFL is the largest of the four major professional sports leagues in North America and the largest in the world. The lighting requirement is Strict. I. Size of American Football field American football field of rugby match is 160 yards long (1 yard = 0.9144m), 75 yards wide, 110 yards apart from the two goal lines, 25 yards from the goal line, and end zone between the two lines.The two goalposts are 18 feet (5.64 meters) apart.The crossbar is 10 feet (3.048 meters), above the ground;The goal post is one foot above the crossbar II. Lighting standards for American football fields The lighting standard of American football fields roughly divided into six level: training and entertainment 200lx, amateur competition and professional training 300lx ,professional competition 500lx , general tv broadcast 1000lx , TV broadcast international competition 1...

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2022 Baseball Field Lighting Design | What you need to know about Baseball Field Solution?

 When design a Baseball stadium lighting, what thing we need to know and consider? We need to understand the field, the lighting and design requirements, the most important thing that we need to know more about our customers. This page will introduce how to design the best solution for baseball stadium step by step, even if your customers don’t know anything and you can show them everything by reading this article. Step 1: Understand Your Baseball Lighting Field 1.Baseball Field Lighting layout & Size What Are the Dimensions of a Baseball Field? Baseball is a unique game as the field sizes vary and this wholly depends on the level of play. For instance, a little league stadium has smaller dimensions. The dimensions keep on increasing in size as the level of play increases. The biggest determining factor of how much light will be required is the size of the field. How do you layout a baseball field? Step 1: Triangulate the Backstop. If there is no backstop, position the apex o...

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