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Do you still consider using the MHL and undertake the high cost

Do you still consider using the MHL and undertake the high cost? Do you understand the security risks of MHL? Do you still want to pay a huge maintenance fee every year?Now let me show you why we're replacing MHL. The safety hazard of Metal halide lamp 1. Large power consumption: The metal halide lamp adopts an inductance ballast, which has high power consumption, high working current and very high starting current at the instant of starting For example, the 400W metal halide lamp is about 15A at the moment of starting. It has a great influence on the life of the electric appliance and often damages the facilities of the air switch. At the same time, the ballast consumes a large amount of electric energy, causes huge electricity expense to the user, accelerates the aging time of the line, and the aging of the line also brings a little hidden danger to the quality and safety. 2. High ultraviolet radiation: ultraviolet light is a terrible light, it will cause serious damage to people...

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How to Choose LED Lights for Warehouse Lighting?

Experts in the LED industry said that in the design of warehouse lighting, according to the visual requirements, the nature of warehouse operation and environmental conditions, through the selection and configuration of LED flood light, the working space should have reasonable illumination, color rendering, appropriate brightness distribution and comfortable visual environment. Basic Factors Need to be Considered of Warehouse Lighting We can consider these factors first: 1) Energy-saving: According to the operation time and different illumination requirements, it can be used as dual lighting circuit or intelligent dimming control lamps; 2) Safety: Lighting lamps with dust-proof, corrosion-proof and riot-proof properties should be adopted to ensure the safe operation of lamps; 3) Long life: Warehouse should not change lamps frequently to avoid the increase of later dimension cost, and choose lamps with long life and high stability; 4) The height of warehouse: 4-6m of low-level wareh...

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Mining area lighting design

Street lights, projection lights and portable working lights are generally used in open mining area.High voltage current lamp or incandescent lamp can be used for street lamps. The use of floodlights has certain advantages, can reduce the cost of line investment and use (such as mobile lines and lamps, etc.). Street lamps are generally used in sidewalks, ramp winch paths, dump sites and conveyor tracks.Floodlights are generally used at mining working face, manual operation and loading site, drilling site, high car yard and transfer station. Installation area (1) working place of rock drill, mobile (or fixed) air compressor and water pump. (2) transport plane, ramp hoist, transfer station, transfer station, pedestrian ladder and sidewalk. (3) loading and unloading place, manual loading and unloading place and dump line of automobile transportation. Save energy efficient The evaluation parameters of the proportion of luminous flux that can be utilized by lamps are different from tho...

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How to Choose the Best Aquarium Lights?

Are you impressed by the amazing light effects of the aquarium? Have you thought about how to achieve this goal and attract more visitors? Today let’s look at high power LED lights in aquariums and swimming pools. Underwater is a harsh and exceptionally strict environment that requires high-end LED lights. First, aquarium lights must be able to withstand water depth and pressure. Mecree's aquarium LED light have a protection level IP67, equipped with IP68 waterproof box. The whole light is treated by special electrophoresis to be anti-corrosion. Next, the light for aquarium should be "penetrating" - can have an effective transmission in water. Mecree adopts Japanese secondary optical DIWL lens technology. PMMA has a high light transmittance (98%) and excellent "penetration" in water. If you find monochrome colors tiring, you can install our RGB LED lights as aquarium lights. Color-changing lights emit rainbow colors to reactivate your site. The light is also suitable for underwat...

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Lighting Standard and Lay Out of Softball or Baseball Field

Field Area Differences Between Softball and Baseball To understand the lighting layout of baseball and softball courts, we should first understand the size of the two sites. Baseball and softball are mostly outdoor courts. The baseball field is divided into inside field and outside field. The inside field is also called square field. The inside field is composed of two sides of the street outfield in the inner boundary area and the other two sides of the outside boundary area. The size of the inner field is 27.5 x 27.5m. The outer field is fan-shaped. The distance from home plate to the outer field through second base is at least 121.92m, and the unexpected area of the outer field is 18.29m. Softball is a kind of multi-directional air movement. It is also divided into inside field and outside field. The size of inside field is 27.5 x 27.5m, and the outside field is fan-shaped. The radius of the outside field is R=61-70m, and the area within the fence of 7.62m outside the field and...

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LED Lights and Insects

In life, we often see insects where there is light. Studies show that different insects can see light at different wavelengths. We can't articulate their vision. Few researchers have observed bugs that are attracted to lower wavelengths of light, and some that are trapped in larger wavelengths. That's how insects find food on earth. Let's look at how insects are attracted to light, and are they attracted to LED lights? Color is also important because it attracts different kinds of insects. The scientists gave their experimental observations, which showed that insects could perceive colors at different wavelengths, some with shorter wavelengths of less than 550 nm (uv) and some with wavelengths of more than 550 nm. The error is greater for shorter wavelengths (UV light) than for longer wavelengths of visible light. Ultraviolet rays can interfere with insects. How do LED lights repel insects? LED lights emit very little ultraviolet light, making them invisible or less visible to fl...

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2019 Contractor Partnership Program ( Electricity & Led Floodlights)

The purpose of the contractor partnership program is to help electrical contractor to win their lighting tenders. From the perspective of contractor, offering a reliable and sincerity partner is very important to establish a long term business relationship. Mecree Led is the advanced manufacture of led floodlights, what we pay most attention to is that the high quality and enforceable led lighting solutions. Over the past 10 years, we assist our clients to win countless tender, government programs and contractor bids such as international stadium lighting, high mast project, airport lighting, horse arena and container etc. There are some special advantages of building business with us together. 1.Offering professional lighting solutions by free There are many important requirements and details of the tender’s file, we are very glad to help you analysis it. For example, we need to consider how much lux standard is best suitable? How many quantities of light can bear in each pole? Ho...

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Fencing hall lighting design

A good lighting system in the fencing hall can improve the performance of the fencers and the viewing experience of the audience.LED lighting is the best choice to light up fencing arena, because it has energy saving, no glare, brighter, more uniform lighting.By replacing a MH, HPS, or other HID floodlight lamp, we can save approximately 75 to 90 percent of our energy for at least 80,000 hours 1. The illumination requirement Different indoor fencing halls should maintain the specified brightness level.The general idea is that we need the brightest lighting for professional fencing competitions, such as the Olympics, the world fencing championships, the north American cup and so on.For 4K or HDTV broadcasting, illumination level lighting requirements can be up to 2,000 to 2,500 lux. Another concept is that we need to maintain a reasonable ratio between horizontal and vertical lighting.Horizontal means fencing, while vertical means the fencer's body and face.If they are significantly...

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Goodbye – Two Lights are About to Exit the EU Historical Stage

Guide reading: the draft EU regulations propose to effectively ban tungsten halogen and compact fluorescent lamps as light sources by 2020. As part of the Eco Design Law review, the minimum efficiency requirement for all light sources is 85 lumens per watt and the maximum backup power is 0.5 watts, which will come into effect. Since the standard tungsten halogen lamp has an efficiency of about 25 lm/W, and the compact fluorescent lamp with ballast can only reach 60 lm/W, so... Draft EU Regulations The draft EU regulations propose to effectively ban tungsten halogen and compact fluorescent lamps as light sources by 2020. As part of the Eco Design Law review, the minimum efficiency requirement for all light sources is 85 lumens per watt and the maximum backup power is 0.5 watts, which will come into effect. Since the standard tungsten halogen lamp has an efficiency of about 25 lm/W and the compact fluorescent lamp with ballast can only reach 60 lm/W, both technologies will be elimina...

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The Secret of LED Lights Cost

In the larger utility companies and factories, the cost of daily lighting is too high to ignore, so LED lights are the most popular alternative for HID replacements. LED maintenance and operation costs are much lower than traditional lighting. Since light is essential, it is worth trying to find more energy-efficient ways to get it, because it will pay off sooner or later. People have been trying to find better resources for their energy use, the better means not only safer for the environment, but also more affordable and effective for consumers. Imagine spending less money on heating and electricity, without reducing the usual consumption. In this article, we will share the cost of LED lights with you. LED lights replacement saves your cost LED lights have been popular over the past decade. From small spotlights to wherever they are currently used, the LED light market is growing rapidly and expected to grow in the coming years. Why have they become more popular? The simplest an...

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Futsal field lighting design

Futsal is a variant of football.The name comes from the Portuguese futebol de salao and the Spanish futbol sala or futbol DE salon, which means "room football".Indoor football.In futsal, each team has only five players playing instead of the usual 11.Other differences between futsal and regular football include playing on smaller pitches, using smaller goal sizes and smaller footballs, and shorter match times. The games are usually played indoors. The pitch is 1.5 meters away from the edge line to set up 3-4 poles, each pole height of 6 meters or more A match shall be played by two teams, each team shall not play more than five players, one of whom must be a goalkeeper The competition field is about 45 meters long and 28 meters wide Although five-a-side football has a short development time, its method of competition has a high value of exercise, and it is also interesting. The characteristics of flexibility can also enrich amateur cultural life, edify sentiment FIFA is particular...

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MECREE LED Light For Billboard project

What is different between the Mecree LED with the common fixtures? 1.Sufficient brightness--Billboard lights usually require 250 to 300 lux.Our outdoor billboard lighting reach 250 lux on 90% of the area.Mecree's LED billboard flood light replaces metal halide;Therefore, energy consumption can be reduced to 30% of the original value. 2.Uniformity of light - if certain spots are too dark or too bright, the advertisement cannot be rendered satisfactorily.Mecree LED can ensure the average and average lighting on the circuit board. In order to provide suitable billboard lighting solutions, we will adjust the power, beam Angle and tilt Angle of LED chip according to the information provided by customers 3. Lifespan - Mecree LED billboard lights can work 80,000 hours, equivalent to 27 years (8 hours per day).Reduce replacement, thereby reducing costs 4.Anti-wind resistance -- the clearance of lamps and lanterns, we are only factory in the market that takes into account the wind resista...

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