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Baseball Field Lights Cost

Baseball is mostly played outdoor. The baseball field is divided into infield and outfield, infield is also called square, infield is by the two sides of the street in the infield and the other two sides of the outfield. The size of the inner field is 27.5 27.5m, and the outer field is fan-shaped Lighting design for the baseball field The lamp arrangement of baseball field can be 6 or 8 lamp poles, or the lamp can be installed on the horse track above the auditorium. Stadium lighting is located in the four base area outside the main Angle of 20° Design detail for the lighting 1. In order to ensure a good light environment for athletes and reduce shadows, three or four directions of light are required. There are requirements for the position of course lights, glare control, course light set, lamp beam extension and installation height.Position of course lights. The position of the course light should be in line with the direction of the game. 2. Glare control. Puts stadium lights ou...

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How LED lights Save Your Money

With the rapid development of more efficient lighting, the European Union began phasing out incandescent light bulbs in 2009. The United States, Canada, Australia, China and many countries in Asia and Latin America have also phased out or banned incandescent bulbs. These changes are estimated to save each country millions of dollars a year in switching to energy efficient lighting. According to the U.S. department of energy, the rapid adoption of LED lights will save $265 billion over the next 20 years. The shift will also help eliminate the need to build 40 new power plants and save hundreds of millions of tons of greenhouse gases entering the atmosphere. How energy efficient are LED Lights 1. Long service life of LED reduces the replacement frequency First, LED lights last longer than any other source of light. LED lights have an estimated life span of more than 80,000 hours, CFLS last only 8,000 hours. Not to mention short-term incandescent bulbs that last only 1,000 hours. This...

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How much do stadium lights cost

What’s the stadium lights cost? Except from the bill of energy, most of us will wonder that how much do stadium lights cost. For a typical pitch, the total cost will be range from $45,000 to $115,000, which is depends on the quality of Led lights. A 500w Led stadium light can be the range from 15kg to 20kg. For example, most of the international stadium will need to install about 50pcs 1000w each light pole, it will cause the problems of the structures would not be strong enough to bear such weight of lights, and hence will increase the reinforcement costly. How expensive will be? The cost of reinforcement will be up to 3 times the price of lights. Considering this, Mecree Led reduce the weight and size by rearrange the chips and other components to realize a suitable size rather than reduce some parts. We use USA CREE chip, the brightness and lifespan were increased to more than 30%. When you choose the Led stadium lights without considering the weight and size, you would need to...

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LED Multi-Purpose Gymnasium Lighting System

Modern large-scale multi-purpose gymnasium, which not only have to meet various large-scale competitions and cultural performances, but also can undertake different large-scale exhibitions and gatherings. The stadium is divided into main venues and general venues, usually including badminton halls, table tennis hall, volleyball hall, tennis court, basketball court and other venues and supporting functional areas. 300W LED floodlight for Fraport Arena in Germany Basic info: Product Used: 300w led floodlight -Using 110pcs GL-FL-300w led floodlight -CCT of LED light: 5000K-5700K Our customer requested the new led lights for indoor multi-purpose gymnasium should meet the latest standard for TV transmission quality in a flicker-free slow motion mode. For installation at a height of 22 meters, the LED stadium lighting fixtures (GL-FL series 300w) produced by Mecree was installed. With the newly installed DMX control, which has both two stationary control units as well as individual lapto...

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Do You Want a Perfect Lighting System Futsal Court Lighting?

Mecree LED futsal court lighting provides high quality lighting for athletes and spectators. Our lights system is suitable for any outdoor or indoor installations. Mecree lighting is designed to be IP67 waterproof. In addition, special radiator conducts heat effectively to the air immediately. Therefore, it won't accumulate heat lead to the light decay, extend the life of the lights. It is very useful for reducing power consumption and maintenance frequency by replacing the MH, HID traditional lamps with LED. Mecree LED futsal light’s lifespan more than 80000hours, light efficiency is more than 150lm/w, high output, about 10 times than halogen lamps. Futsal is very similar to traditional football field except that each side consists of only five players, including four players and one goalkeeper. Let's explore how to illuminate a futsal court with LED lights. Lighting Solutions for Futsal Field   1.Do you know how many lux for your five-a-side football field The lighting lev...

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MECREE LED use in the fishing vessels

At present, fishermen often use the light effect to lure fish to the water by holding fishing lights and shining them into the water.However, the existing fishing lamp includes a shell, an LED light emitting component arranged in the shell, and a driving power supply electrically connected with the LED light emitting component.However, in the process of use, a large amount of heat will be generated in the shell due to the work of LED light-emitting components. However, the cooling effect of existing fishing lamps is slow, which is far from meeting people's needs Why the yellow light is better Because yellow light penetrates more strongly than white light. Wavelength determines the penetration of light.The longer the wavelength, the more difficult it is to be scattered, and the stronger its penetration.Such as red orange yellow.Conversely, the shorter the wavelength, the easier to be scattered, and the weaker its penetration.Such as blue and purple light Fishing light specification...

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Why We Choose LED to Replace Halogen and CFL?

European Union is now banning halogen and compact fluorescent lamps (CFL), with results expected by the coming 2020. Many indoor or outdoor areas such as airport tarmac, soccer field, tennis court, basketball court, warehouse, parking lot, harbor, power plant, high mast, high canopy or low canopy lighting may require the replacement of LED lights. According to the light Ecodesign Law, the minimum luminous efficiency requirement for all lighting fixtures on the market is 85 lumen per watt. However, the efficiency of the halogen lamp (25 lm/w), a CFL with a ballast (60 lm/w), they are not sufficient to meet this standard. As a result, halogen lamps and CFL bulbs will be banned in Europe. In fact, there are many advantages to using LED lights instead of CFLS and halogens. LED lights have a luminous efficiency of about 130 to 150 lm/w, significantly higher than the standard. In addition to being energy efficient, LED lights are also more environmentally friendly because they do not use...

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The importance of LED light to UEFA stadium

UEFA is one of six federations under FIFA. The influence, wealth and power of UEFA in the world is also the highest among the six major football federations, as many of the world's top players gather in Europe (especially clubs in Spain, Germany, England, Italy and France) because of the high salaries of European clubs. Many football powers in the world are also members of UEFA. Among the 32 countries in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, 14 national teams are from Europe, and 15 countries are in the top 20 in the FIFA world rankings. A minimum capacity of 50,000 (5-star pitch) or 30,000 (4-star pitch) for the 2008 European football championships, which will be expanded to 53,008. All seats should have backrest. The competition area shall not be less than 105x68 meters. The distance between the sideline of the competition site and the auditorium: the sideline on both sides is 6 meters, and the bottom line of the gantry is 7.5 meters. The playing field has no perimeter fence. A first-r...

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How to Make Your Castle More Attractive?

A castle in every city is usually a tourist attraction that visitors can't miss, because it is the best embodiment of a place's history and culture. Therefore, a good castle facade tower lighting is very important, can illuminate the exterior wall curtain wall, barbican, gatehouse and other areas. MH or halogen lamps are often replaced by LED lights, because of their higher energy efficiency and longevity, which are beneficial in terms of environmental protection and cost savings in maintenance. In order to decorate the castle at night, we can even add color-changing RGB floodlights for external and internal curtain walls, towers, etc., to add different colors, attracting more visitors. Now let's explore how to light up the castle. Castle curtain wall lighting design 1. Castle tower brightness (lux) level It takes about 20 to 50 lux to light up the tower's facade. Our engineers will design the best lighting for barbican based on the height and materials of the external walls. If w...

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Mobile tower replacement works

In some of the power supply is not perfect in the work area or the site of temporary activities, we need some flexible and convenient lighting equipment, so the human invented the mobile tower Lighting performance: the lamp panel is composed of 4 500W high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, and each lamp head is individually adjusted at the top, bottom and left and right angles according to the needs of the site, so as to achieve 360-degree all-round lighting by rotation;Can also be the lamp head in the lamp plate uniform distribution to the four directions of lighting;Overall lighting both near and far, high lighting brightness, wide range, lifting performance:Choose three telescopic cylinder as lift regulating mode, height of 4.5 meters, light coverage radius reached 35 to 55 m. Work time: when using the generator power supply, a fill fuel can work continuously more than 13 hours, using the 220 v mains can long time lighting and operational: through wireless remote control within 50...

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Comparison of Four Illumination Design Schemes for Golf Course Driving Ground

The illumination level of the golf course lighting generally requires the horizontal illumination of the serving table area to be 200-250 Lux and the vertical illumination to be 80-120 Lux at the height of 200 yards and 5 meters. At present, there are four kinds of lighting design schemes for golf driving range, which are the design of backstage pole, the design of lighting on both sides of the driving range, the design of floor lamp and the design of lighting on the roof of the playing platform. The design principles, advantages and disadvantages are as follows: 1. After the stage or on both sides of the pole design The pole is placed behind the platform, as shown in the following figure: The height of the pole is recommended to be more than 15 meters to ensure that there is enough space vertical illumination in front of the platform to track the flight path of the ball. In principle, the distance between the poles must not exceed twice the height of the pole. Advantages: The equi...

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Finding the Best Led Studio Lighting for Shooting

The high quality of Led studio lighting will help you win the best picture in Oscar 2019! We will listen and understand the requirements of film director to make the customized and proper led studio lighting, which can be applied to Oscar, Hollywood and other world-class film program. Mecree Led studio lighting has long lifespan>80000hrs, different range of color temperature for your option. Brightness and high CRI will beautify the shooting effect. Nowadays, more and more people start to replace Metal Halide lights with Led, let’s find the best one for you. Two Major Advantages of Replacing Traditional Lamp With Customized Led studio Lights. 1.High light efficiency 160lm/w are 8-10 times than traditional lamp. 100w led equal to 300w Metal Halide lights, Saving more than 80% energy and electricity bill for you. 2.Remarkable long lifespan ensure more than 27 years life if lighted up 8hrs a day; Advanced cooling system, and perfect lighting effect. What Factors Do You Need Take In...

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