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LED Fishing Boat Lighting

Led flood lights used on fishing boat not only assist of navigation, but increase the harvest in each time of sailing. Mecree Led offers high-quality and durable LED fishing boat lighting, safety is very important for your crew, bright lighting help the fishermen or captains see the approaching ships or any obstacle in advance, even in foggy days. By installing green led fishing boast lighting, we can increase the harvest because of most of the the fishers are very sensitive to this color and then they will swim toward your boat. Mecree Led produces color-changing lights (RGB or RGBW), which is a good choice for emitting whatever colors you need. Let’s explore the advantages of Led shipping boat lighting. Lighting design for Fishing Boat 1. Lux level Based on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea, all shippers should use the reasonable and practical ways to prevent collision. Except knowing the speed limitation, we need to have the lights such as red and gr...

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Basketball Court Lighting

Our basketball court lighting is suitable for residential, commercial or professional applications. Suitable for outdoor basketball court, such as backyard, high school, university, park, etc. Leds are the best alternative to metal halides, halogens, HPS, mercury vapors and fluorescents because they are more energy efficient. In addition, it lasts longer than traditional lighting solutions. Let's explore how to light up a basketball court and play basketball games with leds at night. Brightness requirement for Non-televised competitions Lighting design and standards for residential, leisure, commercial and professional outdoor basketball courts will vary.According to the basketball lighting guide, backyard and recreational activities require about 200 lux. Because a standard basketball court is 4,700 square meters. Feet (437 square feet).We need about 200 lux x 437 = 87,400 lumens. So how many power do we need to light up the basketball field, the stands and the basket? Since our ...

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Why choose high quality lighting

Since the burning of Notre Dame in Paris, it has set everyone thinking. Some things exist as the only property in the world. So it wasn't just a building that burned down, it was an artifact of human history. Just like the famous stadiums in the world, the safety is worth considering The importance of power safety For stadium buildings, the most likely cause of fire is the power factor. So safe electricity is one of the reasons to protect the stadium. And the main effect of electric power or supply lighting system, if the quality of the lighting used is not high, the possibility of an accident will be greatly increased. The formation of serious safety hazards, and even endanger the personal safety of the audience. The important of the stadium light We can see the open fire fire is originated from lamps or directly caused by the circuit, the quality of lighting is not good, heat dissipation function is insufficient, leading to the light source or lamp line overload load will occur ...

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How to Light the Race Track

Good track lights help to improve the safety of drivers and spectators, providing a bright and uniform illumination to the track. Today, because of the greater energy efficiency and durability of LED lights, they are often installed and starting to replace traditional lighting, such as HPS, MH, halogen lamps, and so on. Our highway lighting system can be used for recreational or international competitions such as NASCAR and Formula 1 world Championship. Let's explore how to light up the track and arena with LED lights. Race track lighting design   1. Brightness (Lux) lighting requirements for the race track Unlike normal drivers, high-speed cars require full concentration and drivers need to deal with any emergency on the track. Generally speaking, the 700-1000 lux level will be the minimum required for floodlights on the racing track, and depending on the special requirements of racing associations such as NYRA, the horizontal and vertical lux levels can be as high as 1500-2...

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Tennis Court Lighting

What is the best tennis court lighting? Whether new or upgraded with existing lighting, our LED Sport lights are the best choice for you when it comes to metal halides, halogens, mercury or HPS replacements. Different application-High schools, universities, commercial or residential tennis courts, clubs or centers have different requirements and considerations for Sport lights when installing high masts. In 2018, we released a new series of Sport lights, expecially used as tennis court lighting that are good cost performance. Nomater for indoor or outdoor tennis courts. In addition to lighting selection, photometric analysis and lighting design are also key to success. Here are some reasons to choose we Mecree. 1.Fulfils your requirement Many of us may not know how many sets and LED lighting arrangements are needed.Whether it is an outdoor tennis court or an indoor tennis court, we need to know the nature of your court and whether it is an entertainment venue or for professional ma...

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LED Light for Refinery

Model No: GL-SFL-500/1000W Mecree is a company with explosion proof Led refinery lighting. To make the safe environment, the gas station is usually located in remote places. This construction turns the petroleum and crude oil into gasoline, diesel fuel, asphalt and so on. LED refinery lighting play an important role in offering proper lighting across the oil cracking site, which is to have 24/7 operation of the oil refinery especially at night. Let’s explore the advantages of replacing Led lights for refinery when works under high temperature. LED refinery lighting for energy saving   The key reason for you when buy led lights for OIL REFINERY is the capability of energy saving. After replacing MH or HID lamp with Led lights for oil refinery, you will save at least about 80% energy. Because the light efficiency of led is 150lm/w while MH lamp is only 40-60lm/w. For the same consumption of energy, the Led refinery lights will give out more illumination or high lumen .It also c...

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How to Win the Sports Lighting Bidding Project?

Electrical and lighting contractors are the key to your success. The sport and stadiums lighting tenders are often worth millions of dollars. How to remain invincible in the fierce competition? Here are some Suggestions for contractors to increase their chances of winning the highly competitive lighting tenders. Who is MECREE? Mecree is a manufacturer specializing in sports LED lighting. We have helped our clients win countless amazing lighting biddings, such as the FIFA World Cup, Winter Olympics Ice Hockey stadium lighting, NBA basketball court lighting, and over 100 sports filed lighting tenders. Would you like to be our next partner? 1. Our Lights meet the Lighting requirements of all sports filed. The illumination is always the fundamental requirement of a sports lighting projects. For the FIFA standard ball field, the football field has the highest standard level of 2400 lux (vertical – face of football players), and 3500 lux (horizontal – the turf), which is an exceptionall...

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MECREE LED application in stage lighting

Stage is the place that people used to represent things, which also has a light transformation, to the stage in people's field of vision, as a visual scene show, lighting has become an indispensable part of on the stage, along with the development of The Times, the innovation of science and technology make the development of stage light is more comprehensive, gradually formed a set of independent systems The Sport Usual Light Position Of a Stage Light   1. Surface Light The light from the top of the audience to the stage is mainly used for the front lighting of the characters and the basic lighting of the whole stage. 2. Auxiliary Light Located on both sides of the platform, the light slanting on the stage is divided into upper and lower layers, with the main auxiliary surface light to strengthen the facial lighting and increase the three-dimensional sense of characters and scenes. 3. Side Light Also known as column light, light projected from both sides inside the mouth of th...

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Do You Want Your Bowling Alley More Attractive?

If the bowling alley lighting system is attractive to your customers, they will visit it often. In the past, most bowling alleys used fluorescent lights to illuminate the lanes. But now, more and more customers choose to replace traditional lamps with LED lights, an important reason is that LED energy saving 70% and more durable. Let's explore how to decorate the bowling alley and bring more customers through lighting! Unique bowling alley lighting design   1. Use color changing (RGB) lights for bowling alleys Would you like to add some amazing bend lighting? One gimmick is the use of RGB wall lamps. It's an LED that emits 16 million colors. Ceiling lighting fixtures are operated by software through the DMX 512 system through the appropriate control system. We provide color lighting solution for lanes! Of course, some people may worry about the need for expertise to control color. In fact, just a few clicks of the software can produce amazing results. There is an automatic mod...

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New Innovation LED Sport Light

We Creat the Top Qaulity Sport lights Compared with metal halides, HPS and halogens, Mecree's LED stadium lights are the best choice for sports occasions due to their high energy efficiency. In addition to saving on electricity costs, our football field lighting can also improve user compliance. You can choose from our LED Sport Lights with wide range 100 to 5000 watts. Our LED sport lights can save up to 80% energy and long lifespan for 80,000 hours. If you are looking for LED Sport lights for your Sport fields, do not hesitate to contact our engineers for professional lighting design. Advantages of our LED Stadium Lights:   1.Super-heat conductive material We used fastest super-heat conductive material in the world, thermal conductivity a few hundred to thousands of times faster than the world’s best thermal conductivity of metal material, can transfer the heat and send out into the air much quickly, solved out the heat dissipation performance of high power COB light source ...

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LED high mast lighting: High lumen LED flood light

Led high mast lighting can be seen everywhere such as seaport, airport, highway area, outdoor parking lot, apron airport, football stadium, cricket court etc. Mecree Led manufactures the Led high mast with high lumen led flood light from 100-5000w, each watt has 160lm. Because of waterproof and dust-proof IP66 IP rating, our standard high mast lighting is very powerful to light up no matter how large areas based on energy saving purpose. After the high mast lighting replacement of traditional lamps such as metal halide, HPS with Mecree Led floodlight, clients easily find that it is very brightness and cost saving in the long term. Since we joined more and more high mast lighting project, we totally understand the demands and some thing deserve to be paid attention thought the world. Advantages of the installation with Led high mast lighting What is Led high mast lighting? Why it is so popular in airport, seaport, container area, sports field etc? How many cost and energy will save a...

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You need to attract more and more visitors to your resort during night time

Are there anyone don’t like to take a holiday? I think the answer is no. I believe that all of us like to enjoy the holiday, most people’s favorite resort should be seaside. Now a lot of different kinds resorts. More and more resorts trend to open at night as well, so resort led lighting are needed. Today I would like to introduce two different filed of the resort lighting, one is the coastal resort seaside lighting, the other is the ski resort lighting. Do you want to know what type of lighting we should choose for these two occasions, and what should we pay attention to get high quality lighting? First resort led lighting is seaside lighting MECREE anti-corrosion lighting LED lights by using the highest quality non-corrosive materials. Meanwhile, by the process of special surface treatment, allow for installation in the harshest of environments such as salt air. If the lights are used for the resort by the sea and coastal area, no anti-corrosion protection, the lights will be l...

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