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MECREE LED use in the fishing vessels

At present, fishermen often use the light effect to lure fish to the water by holding fishing lights and shining them into the water.However, the existing fishing lamp includes a shell, an LED light emitting component arranged in the shell, and a driving power supply electrically connected with the LED light emitting component.However, in the process of use, a large amount of heat will be generated in the shell due to the work of LED light-emitting components. However, the cooling effect of existing fishing lamps is slow, which is far from meeting people’s needs Why the yellow light is better Because yellow light penetrates more strongly than white light. Wavelength determines the penetration of light.The longer the wavelength, the more difficult it is to be scattered, and the stronger its penetration.Such as red orange yellow.Conversely, the shorter the wavelength, the easier to be scattered, and the weaker its penetration.Such as blue and purple light Fishing light specifi...

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Why We Choose LED to Replace Halogen and CFL?

Have your halogen light bulbs burned out once again? While halogen lights are highly rated in comparison to other incandescent lamps, many people have begun making the switch from halogen light bulbs to LED lights. While some people prefer to stick to their halogen lights, we feel it’s important that consumers know all of their options! Therefore, we have put together an LED replacement guide for halogen light bulbs! Before we can guide you into making a decision on your lighting, we feel that it’s important to understand the differences between an LED light bulb and your standard halogen light bulb. A halogen light bulb is an incandescent bulb that uses halogen gas within it to help illuminate your space. Halogen bulbs must operate at higher temperatures in order to achieve the same effect as LED light fixtures. LED light bulbs use light-emitting diodes to produce lights. They are more environmentally friendly than halogen light bulbs and tend to last longer, making them a more co...

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The importance of LED light to UEFA stadium

UEFA is one of six federations under FIFA. The influence, wealth and power of UEFA in the world is also the highest among the six major football federations, as many of the world’s top players gather in Europe (especially clubs in Spain, Germany, England, Italy and France) because of the high salaries of European clubs. Many football powers in the world are also members of UEFA. Among the 32 countries in the 2006 World Cup in Germany, 14 national teams are from Europe, and 15 countries are in the top 20 in the FIFA world rankings. A minimum capacity of 50,000 (5-star pitch) or 30,000 (4-star pitch) for the 2008 European football championships, which will be expanded to 53,008. All seats should have backrest. The competition area shall not be less than 105×68 meters. The distance between the sideline of the competition site and the auditorium: the sideline on both sides is 6 meters, and the bottom line of the gantry is 7.5 meters. The playing field has no perimeter fence....

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How to Make Your Castle More Attractive?

A castle in every city is usually a tourist attraction that visitors can’t miss, because it is the best embodiment of a place’s history and culture. Therefore, a good castle facade tower lighting is very important, can illuminate the exterior wall curtain wall, barbican, gatehouse and other areas. MH or halogen lamps are often replaced by LED lights, because of their higher energy efficiency and longevity, which are beneficial in terms of environmental protection and cost savings in maintenance. In order to decorate the castle at night, we can even add color-changing RGB floodlights for external and internal curtain walls, towers, etc., to add different colors, attracting more visitors. Now let’s explore how to light up the castle. Castle curtain wall lighting design 1. Castle tower brightness (lux) level It takes about 20 to 50 lux to light up the tower’s facade. Our engineers will design the best lighting for barbican based on the height and materials of ...

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Mobile tower replacement works

In some of the power supply is not perfect in the work area or the site of temporary activities, we need some flexible and convenient lighting equipment, so the human invented the mobile tower Lighting performance: the lamp panel is composed of 4 500W high-efficiency energy-saving lamps, and each lamp head is individually adjusted at the top, bottom and left and right angles according to the needs of the site, so as to achieve 360-degree all-round lighting by rotation;Can also be the lamp head in the lamp plate uniform distribution to the four directions of lighting;Overall lighting both near and far, high lighting brightness, wide range, lifting performance:Choose three telescopic cylinder as lift regulating mode, height of 4.5 meters, light coverage radius reached 35 to 55 m. Work time: when using the generator power supply, a fill fuel can work continuously more than 13 hours, using the 220 v mains can long time lighting and operational: through wireless remote control within 50...

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Comparison of Four Illumination Design Schemes for Golf Course Driving Ground

The illumination level of the golf course lighting generally requires the horizontal illumination of the serving table area to be 200-250 Lux and the vertical illumination to be 80-120 Lux at the height of 200 yards and 5 meters. At present, there are four kinds of lighting design schemes for golf driving range, which are the design of backstage pole, the design of lighting on both sides of the driving range, the design of floor lamp and the design of lighting on the roof of the playing platform. The design principles, advantages and disadvantages are as follows: 1. After the stage or on both sides of the pole design The pole is placed behind the platform, as shown in the following figure: The height of the pole is recommended to be more than 15 meters to ensure that there is enough space vertical illumination in front of the platform to track the flight path of the ball. In principle, the distance between the poles must not exceed twice the height of the pole. Advantages: The equi...

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Finding the Best Led Studio Lighting for Shooting

The high quality of Led studio lighting will help you win the best picture in Oscar 2019! We will listen and understand the requirements of film director to make the customized and proper led studio lighting, which can be applied to Oscar, Hollywood and other world-class film program. Mecree Led studio lighting has long lifespan>80000hrs, different range of color temperature for your option. Brightness and high CRI will beautify the shooting effect. Nowadays, more and more people start to replace Metal Halide lights with Led, let’s find the best one for you. Two Major Advantages of Replacing Traditional Lamp With Customized Led studio Lights. 1.High light efficiency 160lm/w are 8-10 times than traditional lamp. 100w led equal to 300w Metal Halide lights, Saving more than 80% energy and electricity bill for you. 2.Remarkable long lifespan ensure more than 27 years life if lighted up 8hrs a day; Advanced cooling system, and perfect lighting effect. What Factors Do You Need Take In...

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Do you still consider using the MHL and undertake the high cost

Do you still consider using the MHL and undertake the high cost? Do you understand the security risks of MHL? Do you still want to pay a huge maintenance fee every year?Now let me show you why we’re replacing MHL. The safety hazard of Metal halide lamp 1. Large power consumption: The metal halide lamp adopts an inductance ballast, which has high power consumption, high working current and very high starting current at the instant of starting For example, the 400W metal halide lamp is about 15A at the moment of starting. It has a great influence on the life of the electric appliance and often damages the facilities of the air switch. At the same time, the ballast consumes a large amount of electric energy, causes huge electricity expense to the user, accelerates the aging time of the line, and the aging of the line also brings a little hidden danger to the quality and safety. 2. High ultraviolet radiation: ultraviolet light is a terrible light, it will cause serious damage to ...

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How to Choose LED Lights for Warehouse Lighting?

Experts in the LED industry said that in the design of warehouse lighting, according to the visual requirements, the nature of warehouse operation and environmental conditions, through the selection and configuration of LED flood light, the working space should have reasonable illumination, color rendering, appropriate brightness distribution and comfortable visual environment. Basic Factors Need to be Considered of Warehouse Lighting We can consider these factors first: 1) Energy-saving: According to the operation time and different illumination requirements, it can be used as dual lighting circuit or intelligent dimming control lamps; 2) Safety: Lighting lamps with dust-proof, corrosion-proof and riot-proof properties should be adopted to ensure the safe operation of lamps; 3) Long life: Warehouse should not change lamps frequently to avoid the increase of later dimension cost, and choose lamps with long life and high stability; 4) The height of warehouse: 4-6m of low-level wareh...

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Mining area lighting design

Street lights, projection lights and portable working lights are generally used in open mining area.High voltage current lamp or incandescent lamp can be used for street lamps. The use of floodlights has certain advantages, can reduce the cost of line investment and use (such as mobile lines and lamps, etc.). Street lamps are generally used in sidewalks, ramp winch paths, dump sites and conveyor tracks.Floodlights are generally used at mining working face, manual operation and loading site, drilling site, high car yard and transfer station. Installation area (1) working place of rock drill, mobile (or fixed) air compressor and water pump. (2) transport plane, ramp hoist, transfer station, transfer station, pedestrian ladder and sidewalk. (3) loading and unloading place, manual loading and unloading place and dump line of automobile transportation. Save energy efficient The evaluation parameters of the proportion of luminous flux that can be utilized by lamps are different from tho...

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How to Choose the Best Aquarium Lights?

Are you impressed by the amazing light effects of the aquarium? Have you thought about how to achieve this goal and attract more visitors? Today let’s look at high power LED lights in aquariums and swimming pools. Underwater is a harsh and exceptionally strict environment that requires high-end LED lights. First, aquarium lights must be able to withstand water depth and pressure. Mecree’s aquarium LED light have a protection level IP67, equipped with IP68 waterproof box. The whole light is treated by special electrophoresis to be anti-corrosion. Next, the light for aquarium should be “penetrating” – can have an effective transmission in water. Mecree adopts Japanese secondary optical DIWL lens technology. PMMA has a high light transmittance (98%) and excellent “penetration” in water. If you find monochrome colors tiring, you can install our RGB LED lights as aquarium lights. Color-changing lights emit rainbow colors to reactivate your site. The...

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Lighting Standard and Lay Out of Softball or Baseball Field

Field Area Differences Between Softball and Baseball To understand the lighting layout of baseball and softball courts, we should first understand the size of the two sites. Baseball and softball are mostly outdoor courts. The baseball field is divided into inside field and outside field. The inside field is also called square field. The inside field is composed of two sides of the street outfield in the inner boundary area and the other two sides of the outside boundary area. The size of the inner field is 27.5 x 27.5m. The outer field is fan-shaped. The distance from home plate to the outer field through second base is at least 121.92m, and the unexpected area of the outer field is 18.29m. Softball is a kind of multi-directional air movement. It is also divided into inside field and outside field. The size of inside field is 27.5 x 27.5m, and the outside field is fan-shaped. The radius of the outside field is R=61-70m, and the area within the fence of 7.62m outside the field and...

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