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How to create an artistic stage lighting effect?

How to create dreamy stage lighting effect? We should consider brightness, light efficiency, color temperature, color rendering, light distribution and heat dissipation. Traditional stage lighting usually uses traditional MHL. The energy efficiency is compared to the bottom, and 95% of the electricity is converted into heat. The actors stay in the high temperature environment for a long time, affecting the makeup of the actors and the performances of the actors. By replacing traditional metal halides, tungsten, or halogen stage lights with MECREE LEDs, you will have an environmental protection and energy saving, adjustable light and color change function, up to ten years of service life, higher CRI and many other advantages of the dreamy stage. Such LED stage lights are now being adopted by more and more stage designers. The effect of stage lighting 1. Create an artistic atmosphere. 2. Create the artistic conception of the stage. 3. Help the audience understand the stage layout. 4....

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Best Led lighting for softball pitch

We supply lighting for softball pitch & stadium, which is applied to world-class competition such as Minor & Major League Baseball (MLB). Lighting is the essential parts for playing games – A good lighting system not only can bring a good environment for players, but also can make audience enjoy a clearly and exciting situation. Mecree Led offer the best LED lights for softball pitch that save more than 80% energy after replacing the metal halide or HPS lamps. We produce from 100-5000w with patent perfect cooling system held reduce the junction temperature of whole lights <65℃. Lifespan is >80000hrs. Mecree Led is also suitable for other outdoor and indoor palces, if you have any other tender project, pls contact us for more suggestion for your reference. We upgrade the design and improve the optical technology each year. Now we will introduce how to light up your softball pitch better and the competitive advantages of our lights. Standard of softball pitch lighting ...

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How to choose the Light for some special sport field

There are several sports:Flag football, Gateball, Lacrosse and Frisbee. Although they are not the most popular sports, we provide high-bar LED floodlights for these sports so that they can be played outdoors at night.We have LED products to replace metal halide lamps, let’s explore the lighting requirements of these 4 sports American Flag Football Compared with the American football game, waist flag football rules do not allow holding and pushing people, the defense side pull down the ball on the offensive players belt of a waist flag, attack is blocked, is a safe “non-collision” sports, sports technology is simple, tactical diversity, sports load suitable, fun is very strong Flag Football Field LED Light During the game, we must accurately pull the flag on the opponent’s waist to fight back, so the lighting of the waist flag football field is very important, the effective brightness enables us to accurately locate the opponent’s waist flag. Rapid move...

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How to Provide an Excellent Lighting for Art Studio

Art studio lighting is crucial to painters. It is not enough to be only able to see objects (brightness) , the painter must see the exact color (CRI) to produce the best art. For starters, good lighting will help them recognize real colors and reduce eye strain. Let’s discuss how our LED floodlights can be applied to art galleries and studios, and why we should use LED to replace metal halides, HPS. 1. The lighting in the studio should be bright enough How do I know if the illumination in the art studio is high enough? We can consider the power consumption (wattage) and lighting efficiency (lumen output) of the lighting. For example, fluorescent lamps and LED emit different brightness at the same power consumption because they have different lighting efficiency. Fluorescent lamps have a luminous efficiency of about 60 to 93 lumen per watt, while LED has a luminous efficiency of 100 to 150 lumen per watt, so LED is regarded as energy-saving light source. As a result, replacing...

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Are You Choosing The Right CCT?

Color temperature is a physical quantity used to define the color of light source in illumination optics. That is to say, when a blackbody is heated to a temperature, the color of the light emitted by the blackbody is the same as that emitted by a light source, the temperature heated by the blackbody is called the color temperature of the light source, for short, the color temperature. Its unit is expressed as “K” (Kelvin temperature unit). The color temperature of LED is expressed by absolute temperature K. When a standard blackbody is heated, the color begins to change gradually from dark red to light red to orange yellow to white blue. When the color of a light source is the same as that of a blackbody, the absolute temperature of the blackbody is the light source at that time. Characteristics of LED color temperature 1. The characteristics of LED color temperature, low color temperature: color temperature below 3300 K, red light gives a warm feeling; a stable atmos...

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7 Tips To Install Ice Hockey Stadium Lighting

Ice hockey is a special sport. It is a combination of varied skating skills and agile skill in hockey. The ball is made of hard rubber. It is 2.54 cm thick, 7.62 cm in diameter and 156-170 g. The whole game is carried out on ice. The lighting effect has a great influence on the athletes watching the ball. If the lighting of the ice hockey stadium is unqualified, it will directly affect the competition and affect the reputation of the stadium. This requires the design and construction company for the ice stadium sports lighting. Unique lighting principles and things to be aware of details as follows: 1)The baffles around the ice rink are prone to shadows and should be noted during designing. This can be solved by installing the luminaire on the arm or selecting the appropriate mounting height and projection direction to solve the shadow problem caused by the baffle. 2)The lighting design of ice hockey should pay attention to the following points: ① Improve the illumination near the...

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What is different between traditional lamp and LED light

At present, there are many differences between led light and traditional lamps in terms of performance, evaluation and design. 1.Performance evaluation of LED lamps a)Color space uniformity to evaluate the existence of LED light different observation Angle color differences. The characteristics of a single illuminant of traditional light source are different. LED light are composed of multiple illuminators and emit light. There are color differences among the illuminators in LED light, so it is necessary to evaluate the spatial distribution of color of LED lamps by evaluating the uniformity of color space b)Use life to evaluate the durability of LED light. The measurement and evaluation of the life performance of traditional light source have been standardized, and have the interchangeability, so the life of traditional light source and lanterns can be replaced by the damaged light source, and the lamp control device designed according to 10 years of life to meet the requirements, ...

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6 Tips to choose the best lights for warehouse

When it comes to the warehouse lighting , we should not only focus on the productivity but also the safe problems for the workers. Because the ceiling in warehouse is very high and need to be lit up the whole places properly, we should consider the Led lights which can save more than 68% cost a month. Besides, the brightness and uniformity is also required to keep the safety. The following 6 tips to help you make a decision. 1. Based on the size and design of warehouse “I have a warehouse with the size of xxx, pls tell me how many pcs lights and watts I need” ? In addition, we need to know what’s the height and how many lux level you need? (If you are not sure the lux level, our engineer can offer you a suggestion). If the design of your warehouse with high ceiling, we suggest the narrow beam angle to keep the brightness of the ground. If your warehouse with low roof and wide area, wider beam angle is the best choice. 2.Pay attention to the glare High glare will bring ...

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How to Provide the Best Lighting for Night Climbing and Indoor Bouldering

How to provide the best lighting for night climbing gym? Bouldering can be an exciting but dangerous sport if you don’t have proper lighting in climbing walls and other indoor facilities. Climbers need bright lights to locate the handle. LED light is the best lighting for bouldering because its excellent lumen output, uniformity and energy efficiency. LED lights can replace traditional HID high ceiling lamps directly, improving lighting performance. 1.Bright lighting in the center of indoor climbing wall What is the lighting requirement of indoor climbing wall? In general, the lux level should be 200 to 300 lux in training and 800 to 1,000 lux in national/international competitions. If your climbing facilities are designed for recreational and professional use, you may choose to provide a higher lux level lighting system, due to the brightness of our lighting system is adjustable. We can adjust the light for bouldering classes and use maximum brightness in climbing competiti...

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Let’s Explore The Secrets of CRI!

What is CRI? It refers to the measure of the degree of color conformity when objects are illuminated by the light source and by the standard light source (usually using sunlight as the standard light source), that is, the degree of color fidelity. In terms of Ra, the maximum is 100. When there is little or no main wave reflected by the object under the reference light source in the light source spectrum, the color difference will be obvious. The greater the color difference, the worse the color rendering of the light source. The color rendering index coefficient is still a common method to define the color rendering evaluation of light sources. 5500K white light is 100 index, other light is not 100 as long as it is not white, the darker the color index is, the lower the color index is. Faithful Color Rendering A light source with high color rendering index (Ra) should be used to correctly represent the original color of the substance. Its value is close to 100, and its color render...

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Outdoor LED parking lot lighting design

Urban Parking lot With the development of economy, many people has own cars. The urban parking lot enables the normal and operation of cars in the city. The parking lot is becoming an essential component of a city, and its illumination also be important.Targeted lighting in the parking lot is not only to ensure the use of requirements, but also to ensure the safety of property and people. The parking lot illumination standard The above 400 parking lots standard horizontal illumination is 30lx, and the uniformity of horizontal illumination should reach more than 0.25. According to the classification of traffic volume, the average horizontal illumination Eh and AV maintenance of parking lots with high traffic volume are 20lx, and the uniformity of illumination should reach more than 0.25 The illumination at the entrance and toll collection point of the parking lot should not be lower than 50lx, and the standard of horizontal illumination is 30lx Parking lot lighting design choose Re...

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How much cost you will save for LED lights? Telling you the reality of LED

As we know, light is like our body, we couldn’t lose it or even maintain and replace it frequently. Plus the Global Warming, Resource Shortage, we need to change something of what we can do. According to the statistics, which is the biggest percentage in the cost of life is electricity bill. How to save the energy and make full use of the electricity is an important problem. LED lights are becoming more and more popular and installed here and there. Let’s see how much the LED lights will save and the reality of the reasons LED lights. LED light – Saving more cost for you   1.No need of replacement High lifespan – LED lights are better than any of other traditional lights. The lifespan of Led light can up to 80000hrs, while the Metal halide or HPSL is only 7000hrs, let alone the conventional incandescent lamp with short time of 1000hrs. If you light up for 8hrs each day, you can easily calculate that using Led lights can last for more than 80000/ (8hrs*365days)=27 y...

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