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What Should I Do before Attending the Lighting Trade Show?

Mecree was in the 37th China International Sporting Goods Show in Shanghai. It was from May 23 to May 26, 2019. Have you been there? Attending a lighting trade show requires some prior planning. Making adjustments without a carefully planned schedule can lead to a completely wasted day. Lighting trade shows are also such a wide range of events that covering every pop-up window is almost impossible. So it is important to know, as a visitor, what should I do to prepare for a lighting trade show? Now, we’ll look at the nine most important things you should check out in the list before attending the light trade show. 1. Pre-register for the show Yes, not all shows require admission, but most do. In fact, if the lighting trade show you’re planning to attend is a coveted event backed by strong brands and prominent names, you’ll probably need a ticket. For most lighting trade shows, tickets can be purchased online from partner websites. However, be sure to check your at...

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Company relocation notification

Customers, new and old friends: Hello! MECREE in your great support and cooperation, the company’s business is thriving. Here, thank you for a long time to give our attention, and formally inform you our company has been in January 2019 move to a new office building. Hope we have a pleasant cooperation in the future, together create a better future. Thank you for your attention. Address: 2nd Floor, Building B, Huaning Science and Technology Park, No.13, Lirong Road, Xinshi Community, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China. My company will be in the new office since instant. Since the company moved the inconvenience, we apologize, and hope you continue to give us concern and support.

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MECREE Four Types LED Flood Lights High-profile Debut in 2018 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair

On October 26th, MECREE take the four types LED flood lights attending Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair. These four types including: LED Flood Light (GL-FL), LED Sport Light(GL-SPL), LED Stadium Flood Light (GL-SFL), GL-SFL Customized). After the 26th tight preparation before exhibition , the four types lights emerged at the fair on October 27. Next let’s see what happened at the fair. GL-FL Series (LED Sport Light: 100w-5000w) GL-FL has done many projects, the customers from home and abroad was dumped for its classic design. Cause its patented design, excellent 4D cooling system, wider power range, it applies to various indoor and outdoor applications. Such as football field, tennis court, cricket stadium, warehouse, port, mining, high mast and so on. GL-SPL Series (LED Sport Light:800w, 1000w, 1500w, 2400w) GL-SFL Series (LED Stadium Flood Light: 100w-1200w) As the king of cost performance, GL-SFL (LED stadium flood light) is also favored by countless customers. Customers are f...

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MECREE star product GL-SPL Series LED Stadium Lights

In recent years, with the development and maturity of LED technology, LED lamps are more and more popular in the field of lighting.In the field of sports lighting, due to industry segmentation and high degree of specialization, only a few enterprises have introduced LED lamps for sports venues. LED lighting technology surpasses the traditional metal halide lamps in terms of energy saving, service life, installation and maintenance, intelligent application and lighting quality, and has a broad application prospect in the field of sports lighting. Complying with the high standards of modern sports stadium and fied lighting, we have introduced star products with four innovative features SPL series LED stadium lights. Innovative feature 1: innovative solution to glare Independent tempered glass optical material lens, accurate light distribution, effective suppression of glare and scattered light.After each beam passes through a separate lens, the lens conducts scientific light processi...

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Why is it that choosing MECREE’s original design is equal to winning the future?

At MECREE, we have more than 10 years of professional electronic structure engineers. Each of our products is original design, although it has been modeled, it has never been surpassed. We believe that our production technology, as well as the attention to detail, are not available to others, because if we really want to focus on the choice of raw materials like ours, with advanced science and technology, and various production process details, we believe that they have their cost. , and technology is impossible to achieve, which is why our products are expensive on the market. We all know Philips, the big brand. In some large venues, Philips is the customer’s first choice, no matter how expensive he is because he has a brand effect. But our lights use the same raw materials as Phillips, and the performance is as good as Phillips, but we have more competitive prices, so many large-scale occasions, such as women’s World Cup, world championships, international competitions...

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Consequences of Selecting Wrong Supplier

The consequences of supplier selection errors can be analyzed from a short-term and long-term perspective. Consequences in the short-term The Quality of Commodities is not up to Standard. Customers are unable to purchase suitable quality products. Although the quality is too low, the purchasing cost is low, but the total cost of the enterprise will increase. Because unqualified products in the process of putting into use, often affect the continuity of production and the quality of finished products, these will eventually be reflected in the total cost. Excessive quality does not mean that purchased goods suitable for enterprise production, if the quality is too high, far exceeding the quality of production requirements, for enterprises is also a waste. Total Cost Increase Low purchasing price is an important condition for selecting suppliers. But the lowest price supplier is not necessarily the most appropriate, because if the product quality, delivery time can not meet the require...

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Boland Cricket Stadium in South Africa 1000w LED Floodlights

The site’s contractor is a powerful customer in South Africa, and the company is in a leading position in the local lighting industry in South Africa for over 25 years and has been pivotal in bringing the latest innovations in the lighting industry to South African businesses and consumers. Customers Visit Factories After one year of communication of products, simulation, delivery time, payment terms and other details. We finally won the company’s trust in MECREE outdoor stadium lighting. The customer believes that MECRE LED Stadium Floodlight’s high luminous efficiency and high-performance heat dissipation structure are very suitable for this important local customer and the international professional-grade venue. Before placing an order, the customer and his end customer visited our factory and gave them a very pleasant trip in China. Production Process Because of the urgent delivery deadlines of customers, MECREE’s efficient production team produced 360...

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LOC 21st Edition of African Senior Athletics Championship 2018 Asaba

MECREE engineer visit Nigeria Asaba stadium for Installation guidance At July 23th 2018, MECREE engineer Leaving for Nigeria. After 24 hours flight, arrive in Lagos airport in 24th, and from Lagos transfer to Asaba airport. In the Asaba stadium 26th, waiting for the poles and sports lighting fixtures. Below is the tools which we need for installation( photos just for reference): August 3th, the Athletics Championship start, but we are still waiting for the stadium light. Finally at Aug 4th, we got the poles and MECREE 1000W LED stadium light. Start installation: Because the tools are really limited in Nigeria, we found an easiest way for them to find a correct direction for the lights, they just need print out the hard paper. Conclusion: Shenzhen Green Light New Energy Co., Ltd and Shenzhen Mecree Photoelectric Technology Co,. Ltd, brand“MECREE” is the stadium lighting manufacturers, produce high power floodlight from 100W-5000W, have so many experienc...

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What is special about tennis court lighting?

Do you want to do the best lighting design for your project? Do you want to know what lights are used in the World Cup football field lighting project? Do you want to know how to keep LED lights maintenance cost be minimized? Do you want to have high lumen output, super brightness high power LED sports lights? Do you want to a powerful supplier can provide a whole series service including solution, lights, cable, poles and so on? Do you still worry the spillover light affect the surrounding of sports lighting? Tennis is a sport in which one – to – one singles and two – to – two doubles are common.Tennis has a large audience and the four grand slams have received special attention, including the Australian open (hard ground), Wimbledon (grass), French open (red earth) and us open (hard ground). Television broadcasting has long played an important role in influencing the evolution of lighting. Whether it is the four-year event such as the Olympic Games, o...

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MECREE fin type four-dimensional cooling design

Do you still worry will stadium lighting have a strong glare affecting the game? Do you worry about a floodlight with a 4D radiator and the largest heat dissipation area in a high temperature outdoor environment? Do you want to select the best stadium lights for tennis courts? Do you want to save cost for a football field lighting project? Do you want to know how much can be saving energy for LED to the replacement of conventional lights? Are you still worried about the quality of the LED stadium lights? MECREE LED not only sell lights, we mainly do projects, so the quality and stability of lights are our pursuit. This is also an increasing number of sports lighting selected for MECREE sports lighting. Most of the company use same chip and same power supply, apart from the chip and power supply, heat sink is the most import part. MECREE heat sink is the top 1 in the high power lighting field, we use four-dimensional cooling design, junction temperature<70℃, others at least ...

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2018 Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition – MECREE Unveiled New LED Sports Light

Do you want to know how much you will save if using our lights? Are you still worry about not finding a good quality, long life stadium light? Do you want to do the best lighting design for your project? Do you want to know what lights are used in the World Cup football field lighting project? Do you want to know how to keep LED lights maintenance cost be minimized? Do you want to have high lumen output, super brightness high power LED sports lights? As a world-famous top feast, the arrival of the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition in 2018 has attracted much attention. The exhibition will be re-emerged in the Guangzhou China Import and Export Fair Complex from June 9th to June 12th. It is reported that Shenzhen MECREE Photoelectric Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “MECREE”) will also bring different type of football field lights to debut this conference to help the development of the LED floodlight industry. As we all know, the development of science...

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DPES Sign Expo Guangzhou 2018 Let the World Meet a Different MECREE

Do you want to know how much you will save if using our lights? Are you still worry about not finding a good quality, long life stadium light? Do you want to do the best lighting design for your project? Do you want to know what lights are used in the World Cup football field lighting project? Do you want to know how to keep LED lights maintenance cost be minimized? Do you want to have high lumen output, super brightness high power LED sports lights? On March 3-6, 2018, the 18th DPES Sign Expo China was successfully held at Pazhou Poly World Trade Center Expo. The scale of this exhibition has reached a record high, reaching 80,000 square meters. There are more than 1,000 domestic and foreign exhibitors. The four-day exhibition received a total of more than 40,000 professional buyers at home and abroad. MECREE, as a new friend who made its first attending at the DPES, bringing with high power LED floodlight, LED stadium light, and new trend LED sport light, has made a differenc...

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