Published by admin04 20,2021

77 units 300W LED Apron Lights ship to Bangladesh

Development Work Of Apron lighting System At Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport 77 units 300W LED Apron Lights to Chittagong port, Bangladesh.    

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Published by admin04 12,2021

145 units LED stadium lights ship to Tanzania

To The REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT OF ZANZIBAR MINISTRY OF YOUTH CULTURE ARTS AND SPORTS 145 units 1000 watts LED stadium lights ship to Tanzania Zanzibar port.

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Published by admin04 02,2021

50pcs 600W LED Flood Light

50pcs AFL-600W Ship To Oman Project: Football Field Lighting Production Time: March 28th – March 29th Aging Test: March 30th – April 2nd Delivery: April 2nd One of our clients in Oman ordered 50pcs 600W AFL series led flood light for his football field lights after test the sample in Jan. The clients are super happy with the lighting effect. Below are some pictures of the production and packages.

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Published by admin03 26,2021

200pcs 500W For The Hockey Arena

After half a year of discussion and negotiation, the customer finally confirmed an order for a hockey arena lighting – 200pcs AFL-500W LED flood light on March 8th, 2021. There is no doubt that high-quality lighting plays a vital role in hockey, because players are expected to act quickly when trying to hit or stop a small puck. The uniform light distribution and color temperature matching the daylight ensure that you have the best light on the ice rink. In order to eliminate the risk of purchase, we will make a Dialux lighting design for the customer. We can simply use our LED lighting options to run various options and provide you with the right guidance and the right information. You only need to provide some simple project information and requirements. Requirements for this project are as follows: Ice hockey placePerpendicular illuminance at a height 1.5 m — not less than 3200lux; The average level of vertical illumination at a height of 1.5 m above the ice surfaceof the...

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Published by admin01 25,2021

Guyana LBI International Cricket Ground

In 2020, many of our projects will have to be shelved due to COVID-19. But as things have improved, sporting events have resumed somewhat everywhere.So some facilities have been upgraded successfully this year.   The history of LBI cricket ground lights   The LBI International Cricket Ground in Guyana.The Minister of Human Services and Social Protection, Dr Vindhya Persaud, flipped a switch on Wednesday night and unveiled the international standard lights on the refurbished floor of the intended community centre in La Bonne, which is now controlled by the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB). Over the past two years, the East Coast Demerara facility has undergone a major restoration project, with the ultimate aim of hosting first-class cricket matches in the next two years. On Wednesday evening, the GCB held a simple but important ceremony at the venue to demonstrate its commitment to the development of the facility, which also houses the Chetram Singh Centre of Excellence (indoor ...

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Published by admin06 10,2020

How to Do A Successful Cricket Stadium Lighting Project?-Boland Cricket Stadium in South Africa

A successful cricket stadium lighting project includes not only the clearest lighting design to display the best lighting effects, the best way to install LED stadium lights at high points, but also an energy-efficient user experience result. Some of the most common projects include replacing the cricket stadium lighting system, installing and upgrading the lighting design. Cricket can be played outdoors or indoors, played as a game or practiced in a net. Both require a high lighting level so that players, audiences, and coaches can safely follow the player’s movements and the ball’s rapid movement. So what should we know about cricket stadium lighting? 1.The importance of cricket stadium lighting Sometimes cricket can be played at a very fast pace, which requires players to react from a short distance.All phases of the game must be clearly visible. For example, the batter must clearly see the running, pitcher’s arm movement and ball transmission, while the field...

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Published by admin05 05,2020

MECREE LED Stadium Lights 2019-2020 Scholarship

MECREE LED stadium lights 2019-2020 scholarship provides an opportunity for college students to think of ways for saving energy. Undergraduate or postgraduate students studying Engineering, Earth & Environment, or Science related discipline are welcome to join. The energy crisis is affecting us now. To promote sustainable development, using LED lights in different sectors help reduce power consumption and carbon dioxide emission. Apart from lighting, there are tons of innovative ways to relieve the burden of using fossil fuels. If you are finding outside scholarships for college and willing to protect our environment, please don’t miss our less competitive scholarship! 10 winning students will be sharing US$10,000 scholarship for their efforts. To be eligible to apply, please read carefully the following instructions. Eligibility 1. Undergraduate and postgraduate students in Science, Engineering, Environment, and related discipline. 2. Studying in College, exchange students are...

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Published by admin03 24,2020

LED lights replace LED lights?

With the improvement of LED ( light Emitting Diode ) lighting over the past several years we can now have the confidence to replace the old style HID( Metal Halide and SON ) floodlights. This types of floodlighting has served us well in the past but due to high running costs and maintenance are now set to join the history books. Inefficient lamps are slowly being phased out to make way for more energy efficient lighting solutions. It is only a matter of time before the 1 -2Kw Metal Halide lamps follow suit. Along with many councils, more and more sports clubs are changing to LED lighting because it is cost effective over the long term. People who are looking for a cheaper initial outlay will still opt for Metal Halide but often clubs are not looking at the long term benefits of LED. In the past LED lighting has been scarred with cheap imports striving to be first to market. More and more people focus on high-power LED lighting, due to the product is damaged in a short time, or the...

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Published by admin05 29,2019

What Should I Do before Attending the Lighting Trade Show?

Mecree was in the 37th China International Sporting Goods Show in Shanghai. It was from May 23 to May 26, 2019. Have you been there? Attending a lighting trade show requires some prior planning. Making adjustments without a carefully planned schedule can lead to a completely wasted day. Lighting trade shows are also such a wide range of events that covering every pop-up window is almost impossible. So it is important to know, as a visitor, what should I do to prepare for a lighting trade show? Now, we’ll look at the nine most important things you should check out in the list before attending the light trade show. 1. Pre-register for the show Yes, not all shows require admission, but most do. In fact, if the lighting trade show you’re planning to attend is a coveted event backed by strong brands and prominent names, you’ll probably need a ticket. For most lighting trade shows, tickets can be purchased online from partner websites. However, be sure to check your at...

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Company relocation notification

Customers, new and old friends: Hello! MECREE in your great support and cooperation, the company’s business is thriving. Here, thank you for a long time to give our attention, and formally inform you our company has been in January 2019 move to a new office building. Hope we have a pleasant cooperation in the future, together create a better future. Thank you for your attention. Address: 2nd Floor, Building B, Huaning Science and Technology Park, No.13, Lirong Road, Xinshi Community, Dalang Street, Longhua District, Shenzhen, China. My company will be in the new office since instant. Since the company moved the inconvenience, we apologize, and hope you continue to give us concern and support.

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Published by admin11 10,2018

MECREE Four Types LED Flood Lights High-profile Debut in 2018 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair

On October 26th, MECREE take the four types LED flood lights attending Hong Kong Autumn Lighting Fair. These four types including: LED Flood Light (GL-FL), LED Sport Light(GL-SPL), LED Stadium Flood Light (GL-SFL), GL-SFL Customized). After the 26th tight preparation before exhibition , the four types lights emerged at the fair on October 27. Next let’s see what happened at the fair. GL-FL Series (LED Sport Light: 100w-5000w) GL-FL has done many projects, the customers from home and abroad was dumped for its classic design. Cause its patented design, excellent 4D cooling system, wider power range, it applies to various indoor and outdoor applications. Such as football field, tennis court, cricket stadium, warehouse, port, mining, high mast and so on. GL-SPL Series (LED Sport Light:800w, 1000w, 1500w, 2400w) GL-SFL Series (LED Stadium Flood Light: 100w-1200w) As the king of cost performance, GL-SFL (LED stadium flood light) is also favored by countless customers. Customers are f...

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MECREE star product GL-SPL Series LED Stadium Lights

In recent years, with the development and maturity of LED technology, LED lamps are more and more popular in the field of lighting.In the field of sports lighting, due to industry segmentation and high degree of specialization, only a few enterprises have introduced LED lamps for sports venues. LED lighting technology surpasses the traditional metal halide lamps in terms of energy saving, service life, installation and maintenance, intelligent application and lighting quality, and has a broad application prospect in the field of sports lighting. Complying with the high standards of modern sports stadium and fied lighting, we have introduced star products with four innovative features SPL series LED stadium lights. Innovative feature 1: innovative solution to glare Independent tempered glass optical material lens, accurate light distribution, effective suppression of glare and scattered light.After each beam passes through a separate lens, the lens conducts scientific light processi...

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