MECREE LED Basketball Court Lighting Solutions

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Basketball season means hours spent in the gym at schools, colleges and recreation centers across the country. With so many teams hitting the court every day, facilities need to ensure proper lighting for positive fan experiences and safety for players & spectators alike. Is your lighting ready for the challenge? Here’s a closer look at what you will need for lighting that will stand up well under the use and abuse of the season.

Increased Durability

When an errant ball flies to the ceiling and strikes the light fixture, a durable lighting option will help keep the game going without delay. Durability, even under extreme or harsh conditions, is critical for gym lighting. Not only that, but lights that will last for years without needing to be replaced are helpful in a gymnasium environment. Continuous lighting replacement involves the hassle of using a lift, potentially ruining gym floors, and shutting down the court as maintenance occurs.

Proper Lighting Quality

Gym lighting is notorious for poorly rendering colors and having harsh glare. Both problems create discomfort for players and fans alike. In addition, glare can cause safety issues if players cannot see well while running quickly down the court. Traditional Lighting is also known for taking a long time to warm up, which can delay practice or game play. Improved lighting with instant-on capabilities can help reduce these problems and the inherent risks they create.

Lighting quality is not just for players and fans, either. For college sports, where television cameras need to pick up all the details of the game for broadcasts, a high color rendering index is important. The right lighting option that delivers better visibility and properly renders colors will improve the look of these broadcasts.

Too Much Glare Can Blind Players

Basketball is a fast-paced game, and players need to know where the ball, their teammates and their opponents are always. Some types of lights and even light fixtures can create glare that blinds the players in certain areas of the floor, which prohibits performance. Adding parabolic reflectors to lighting or using lighting designed to be glare-free can help reduce this risk by diffusing the light and keeping glare at a minimum.

Similarly, lighting that is placed directly in the field of play, such as a fixture hanging directly over the hoop, even with diffusing technology, can create glare that makes play difficult. Instead, aim to put the main light source outside of the main playing area, so the light will spill onto the playing surface without creating too much glare.

Improved Efficiency to Manage Operating Costs

During basketball season, your lighting will be on more than it normally is. You will want to ensure that you’re ready with lighting that runs efficiently. Lower energy bills will mean more savings for your facility, so you can better serve your teams and fans.

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Proper Illumination Improves Accuracy of Play

When a player is shooting the ball, being able to clearly see the basket and the backboard is essential. Clear visibility and proper color rendering are both important aspects to this. Lighting with cool undertones helps provide greater visibility and more realistic colors, so players can shoot with accuracy and make an increased number of shots. This can also improve the spectator experience, particularly if teams have jersey colors that are similar to one another.

What lighting solution will hit all of these needs? MECREE LED Luminaires offer an efficient, reliable and durable lighting for gymnasiums and basketball courts. With Luminaires that will last for many years, reduce energy use by as much as 85 percent, and have instant-on, crisp, high color rendering illumination, MECREE LED will help you keep your gym properly lit all season long.

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