LED Football Field Lighting

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led floodlights for football pitches

Football field lighting has their own rules and standard. When you are looking for LED floodlights for football field, there are following information you must know.

I. What is the official size of a football field?

What is the official size of a football field

Football field lighting system is an important schedule to all the people. According to the regulations of FIFA:

For international competition field, the length of the Soccer field is 100~110m , the width is 64~75m , and there should be no obstacle at least 5m outside the bottom line and the side line to ensure the safety of the athletes.

For World Cup finals, the length is 105m, the width is 68m.

For standard football field, the length of football ground is 90-120m, the width is 45-90m.

What is the official size of a football field

II. The Way of Football Field Lighting

The quality of football field lighting depends on illumination level, illumination uniformity and glare control degree. For athletes, the lux request level of lighting is relatively low, and the audience’s purpose is to watch the game, lighting requirements are increased with the increase of viewing distance. The degree of glare depends on the density, direction of projection, number of lamps, position of viewing in the competition, ambient brightness and so on. In fact, the number of lamps is related to the number of spectators. Relatively speaking, the training ground only needs to follow simple lighting fixtures, and large stadiums need to install more lamps, by controlling the beam to achieve high illumination, low glare purposes.

1. Football Field Lighting Standard ( illumination level)

Football field lighting is divided into indoor soccer field lighting and outdoor soccer field lighting. Different lighting installation in different places. Lighting standard according to the football field to use a function to determine the standard of illumination. the outdoor ( indoor ) football field illumination standards are divided into seven levels : training and entertainment activities illumination 200lx (300lx), amateur competition 300lx (500lx), professional competition 500lx (750lx), general tv broadcast 1000lx (1000lx), 1400lx (1400lx) for high-definition TV broadcast of large international competitions, 1000lx (750lx) for tv emergency. For illumination standard details, please check below picture.

led football stadium lighting standard

2.illumination uniformity

illumination uniformity football field lights

The light with high uniformity can make the light in the same direction illuminate the same direction when the light in different directions is directed to the competition area to ensure the consistency of the tone of the front and back screens when the camera changes the position and shoots continuously.

MECREE football stadium lights can emit continuous, bright and evenly distributed light without hot spots. The high uniformity of the stadium lights allows everyone (athletes, spectators and broadcasters) to keep an eye on the ball at any time.

3.Glare control ( You must know)

Glare is divided into direct glare and reflected glare. Direct glare is caused directly by the luminous body; reflected glare is formed by light reflection from a lamp or other reflective surface. There are three methods for controlling direct glare: selecting light-transmitting materials, controlling the protection angle (shading angle), and arranging the position of the light source reasonably. The main method of controlling reflected glare is to make most of the light on the work surface come from the proper projection direction, that is, the generated directional reflection will not directly hit the observer’s eyes, but will hit the distance or the side. Generally, as long as no light is installed above the observer, the reflected glare can be better eliminated.

In the design of the stadium to control glare, the lamp can be used in conjunction with the high-efficiency reflection system equipped with anti-glare partitions, and the position of the light source can be adjusted according to technical requirements to prevent glare and astigmatism from being effectively limited. Control the projection direction and projection angle on the setting of the aiming point of the lights to limit glare and make the glare index <50.

MECREE SPL series how to control the glare:

A, We use unique secondary optical technology, High transmission glass lens with aluminum alloy reflection cup. the direct light is used multiple times to effectively reduce the spill light , concentrate the light on the field, increased the central light intensity by more than 5 times and greatly reduce the glare.

MECREE SPL series how to control the glare

MECREE SPL series how to control the glare 1

B, Anti-glare shield design. If the distance between light poles and field is less than 20m. and light pole is short, use anti-glare shield can change the angle of light. Greatly reduced the glare.

C, We can design the lighting distribution according to customer’s spectators position, TV broadcasting position etc.

led football field lighting design

4, Distribution of lights

Whether the arrangement of the lamps and lanterns is reasonable will directly affect the lighting effect and on-site economy. The common way of arranging lights in football stadiums are: four towers, multi-towers, light belts, and light belt light poles mixed type.

More details please check our this article to see “Sector 2- No.5-lights fixtures distribution”

III. Installation, operation and maintenance

1. Installation and operation

football field lights Installation operation and maintenance

When an adjustable floodlight has been installed, the projection position of the lamp should be marked so that the lamp can be easily restored to its original position for future maintenance or repair.

Lighthouses and their foundations conform to relevant local laws and regulations, and no one without authoritative approval can do such work. Ensure that lighting is maintained without danger.


Lighting devices should be cleaned regularly. If the lamps stop working or their functions drop significantly, they should be replaced separately to ensure that the illumination meets the relevant requirements.

football field lights Installation operation and maintenance

MECREE SPL series Football field lights lifetime is up to 100,000 hours, and the light attenuation within 10 years will be less than 5%. It greatly extends the maintenance and replacement time. We provide 10 years of free maintenance. This means that you will pay 0% of the maintenance cost within 10 years.

IV. Commonly used tools

Mecree lighting for outdoor football stadium of TV relay level is recommended for outdoor pitch lighting. This kind of luminaire has compact and beautiful appearance, small wind resistance coefficient and light weight. The unique design of light distribution curve; speed of light precision, a variety of light distribution, instant start.

Football Stadium Lighting Solution

Prior to purchasing Mecree led football field lights, our engineer team will provide the Dialux simulation first to ensure the correct light distributions were provided for an even coverage of the arena with the proper amount of light.

Outdoor soccer field needs LED flood lights which can withstand a variety of weather conditions, including strong winds, rain, cold. LED lights also need to be implemented from the surface of the actual bulb area long distances. LED lighting the football filed precise, consistent and effective to avoid light pollution with LED lights can provide to your football field sharp and clear. MECREE LED lighting can also provide a consistent light level across the ball field, ensuring that the ball, line and player are clearly visible to the football match venue due to its daylight color temperature.

Popular model:GL-SPL-800W /GL-SPL-1000W/GL-SPL-1200W

Football Field Lighting Project

led flood lights outdoor high power

Model: GL-SPL-800W
Power: 800W
Replace traditional MH light: 2000W
Light Average LUX: 1500LUX.
MECREE LED sport field lighting series are most widely used in soccer stadium, football field basketball field, golf course, tennis court and so on.
Application reference: Standard football stadium
More projects

V. Football field lighting frequently Questions and Answer

Q1: What kind of lights are the best for football stadium?

MECREE SPL series Football field lights
A: For the football field lights, since the maintenance and replacement costs are very high, there is no doubt that the product quality requirements are very high. Then, the product needs to have the following characteristics:

a, Good product stability and long maintenance cycle
b, Good light control system ( very important )
c, Energy consumption low.
d, Excellent Uniformity and High CRI
e, Easy to installation

Please check details from this article: Choose the best stadium lights (2020).

Q2: How many lights do we need to light up a football field?

A: First, you need know the wattages needed and illumination level for your football field. Detailed answer please read this article: Step 3: how many lights you need install to light up a football field ( 2020 the most valuable football lighting project reference)

Q3: How much does we need install lights for football field?

A: First, you need know the wattages needed, and the numbers of lights you need install, and football stadium lights price. Then, you will know the total cost of lights for your football field. Please find the answer from this article: Step 5: total price of football stadium lights you need pay.

Why choose MECREE?

1. MECREE is the only company determined to be a century-old company in the sports field.
2. Provide one-stop service for design, lighting and installation instructions.
3. World’s top design system, easy installation and more convenient maintenance.
4. 10 years focus on glare and light pollution control.

Why choose MECREE LED?

1. The new generation of high-density COB unique light distribution technology, it will be a revolutionary of traditional sports lighting.
2. 10-year constant illumination guarantee on site, 10-year system warranty, 10-year maintenance-free costs.
3. The original glare controller system can effectively control glare, enhance the comfort of sport and the experience of watching the game.
4. Separate control technology of lamps and drives increases the flexibility of the system and can effectively reduce the load on the road or light pole.
5. Advanced remote dimming function, which can automatically adjust the luminous flux output as required to meet the lighting needs of the venue.
6. Instant ON / OFF function meets the hot start function requirements, and can effectively combine sports games and stage performance functions.
7. MECREE’s lighting technology surpasses traditional lighting in the past, bringing a better experience to athletes, spectators and TV broadcasts.
8. We are not only the luminaire makers, but also designers for the comfortable light.
9. If the overflowing light of LED lamps shines on the residents’ homes, or scatter in the night sky to form light pollution, or even stimulate the eyes of athletes, it will be a big step back in sports lighting.
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w
MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.

MECREE has launched the following series of LED Sport Stadium Lighting:

  1. SPL series stadium lights are designed for 160 feet to 1000 feet of lighting distances and 4K, 8K HD broadcasting.
  2. AFL series stadium lights are designed for lighting distances from 50 feet to 330 feet and improve the brightness uniformity.
  3. P73 series stadium lights are designed for the precise light control needs of the North American and European markets. The Upward Light Ratio of the P73 series LED stadium lights is 0%.


New LED Sports Lighting Solution Provider




Our precisely engineered optics of polarized light aim light directly onto the field of play, to shine uniformly and to minimize glare. Outdoor venues benefit from spill light control, no more skyglow and no more complaints from the neighbors.


1. Such light shield is useless,just misleading customers.
2. As tested it will cause 30% reduction of light output
3. While 70% still have high overflow
4. Unbearable strong glare
5. Waste energy,outdated reflective technology




The power supply and lamp body can be mounted separately, reducing the withstand weight of the lamp pole and facilitating maintenance.



Customized crossarms are available to meet all your existing old poles without replacing the main rod, crossarms bolt directly to light pole, easy and accurate installation saves time, ensures performance, safety and reliability,also lower the budget.

What can MECREE do for you?

We are not only a manufacturer of high-power LEDs, More professional services are also included:
Provide the most suitable solution through light simulation calculation. Design of Lighthouse, parameters required for building foundation, (axial force, shear force, bending force). High power generator set supporting,circuit design service,cable supply. We are your best supply chain manager! One stop service for you! Of course, lighting solutions for other fields are also included. Save you time,unnecessary costs and greater benefits.

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