LED Cricket Ground Lighting

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Cricket Stadium Design Standards

The ICC Cricket World Cup is a one-day, single-game Cricket match hosted by the international Cricket council.The game is one of the most watched sports in the World and is the fourth largest in the World after the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup and the Rugby World Cup. The first cricket World Cup was held in England in 1975.

Cricket is a comprehensive sport that exercises the coordination ability of hands and eyes, and integrates the control ability, skill and power of upper limbs.The event is team competition.

According to the needs of TV broadcast in the pass 20 years, the choice of cricket floodlights must be a color rendering index >90, with a clear relative color moderate and a narrow color conversion. Only meet these standards, can guarantee the television images of color harmony without distortion, the efficiency of traditional lamps with LED contrast has obvious gap, such as slow start, the energy consumption, low light efficiency, short service life, these are the actual application of cost problem, and a cost of using traditional lamps and lanterns of the establishment of the area light pole is consumption, because the same effect, under the condition of traditional lamps and lanterns is the total number of LED for several times. So replacing led is a cost-saving trend.

With the development of science and technology, TV broadcasting is gradually thinking of 4K development and needs intelligent effect control, which will become the factor of upgrading stadium light.

traditional light

Through the impact matrix analysis, the following important quality key points must be considered in cricket ground lighting:

1. Low glare effect can improve the athlete’s exercise level.

2. Appropriate light source color rendering index can bring a better picture experience to TV viewers.

3. The propagation of light (horizontal and vertical) covers the trajectory of the ball, even if the ball slides on the ground.

4. The high brightness within the venue ensures that the batter hits the ball at 150 mph.

5. The light overflow rate is low.

cricket match

Mecree company Cricket stadium matched:

Mecree Cricket stadium lighting

Due to the positioning of different enterprises, the quality of products will be much the same.We will be working on replacing traditional lamps in the these years. In a few years it will be replaced by inferior LED.Therefore, from a long-term perspective, the cost of choosing Mecree LED is only slightly higher in the early stage, but we are committed to the purpose of serving customers for 40 years and saving the total cost for customers.

led cricket stadium lights

Energy saving flood light

Compared with traditional light Mecree LED energy saving 70%. It s the best return on investment for a large cricket ground. Because the stadium operating costs is an important factor to measure the profit and loss of electricity every year. Using the LED will be a trend of energy saving is the real way to let the club to save money.Despite the upfront input costs are higher than the traditional lights, but years of operating cost savings.

As opposed to normal LED lights. Mecree LED center light intensity is their three times. Reduce the total number of lamp but the effect is the same in cost savings for a large cricket ground lighting design. Because of reduction in the number of total install lights:

The first is as a decline in the cost of procurement.

The second is the cost of installation and later maintenance costs,greatly reduce the labor cost.

For many developed countries, can save labor costs is a very considerable income, because artificial in the local is very expensive, next is the problem of charge of electricity of mentioned above, because the same effect but using a lower total power.

high power led sport field lighting

Super Cooling system

The durability of the lamp is an important part of the operation cost. The shell of the light house can basically maintain its original shape until it is retired. Therefore, it is the embodiment of the advantages and disadvantages of the product and the core of the operation of a company to keep the LED chip running for a long time. Most of the LED lights on the market are made of die-cast aluminum radiators, so they can only purchase SMD chips with astigmatism. However, with this kind of common radiators, the operating temperature of the chip reaches more than 90℃, so it can only survive for 2-3 years in general, and it is accompanied by a high-speed light decline. The independently developed superconducting cooling technology of Mecree LED can make the operating temperature of COB chip at about 70℃, so it provides a more suitable operating temperature for the chip, improves the chip’s life, and slows down the speed of light decay. As a result, the light decay is reduced by about 20% in 5 years, and the durability is obvious.

led cricket ground lights outdoor mecree

High transmittance design

The front lens of Mecree cricket ground lights is made of tempered glass, which also provides another condition for long-lifespan lamps. Compared with other types of LED lamps, the PMMA lens will turn yellow for a period of time, and the tempered glass can guarantee that there will be no qualitative change in several decades. Moreover, the light transmittance of tempered glass is higher than that of PMMA material lens, which also affects the performance of the lamp. Therefore, the LED with the same power, Mecree LED, is one of the reasons why it will be brighter.

led cricket stadium lights detail

For the lighting requirements of the new era, Mecree LED represents a trend, and the site uniformity, glare control and effect building functions are in the leading level. We have been committed to replacing the old lights and the installation of the new fields, making our due contribution to the world’s energy conservation.

led cricket stadium lights dmx contorl

Floodlights For Cricket Ground

Before ordering Mecree led flood lights, a free lighting solution is provided to ensure the uniform light distributions were served for an even coverage of the arena with the proper amount of light.

By adopting LED flood lights, the athletes will enjoy a uniform, gentle light providing comfortable environment while save lamp replacement costs and subsequent maintenance costs.

Illumination requirements (Average lux) for cricket ground lighting:

non-televised training – 250 to 400 lux

non-televised match – 500 to 700 lux

televised match – 1000 to 2000 lux

4K televised match – 2500 to 3500 lux

led cricket stadium lighting DIAlux design

HD Cricket ground

High illumination requirement is also in order to meet can’t confront the scene audience, because now the network developed, enough to let people around the world at the same time to watch the progress of the game. , Nobody wants to miss witness the history of the moment,especially some important games so we need to build a HD for the camera shooting environment. The traditional old lamp is often a sunset yellow to light up the scene, so when we look back to some old video, has a history of fuzziness. The closer the white light of the sun is the most comfortable viewing visual. Therefore, we are committed to creating a color temperature of around 5700K and a CRI > 90, so that the shooting needs to be done to the extreme. CRI 90 is in line with the HD photography light scene level.

Cricket stadium installation guidance (4 poles)

Light tower or pole locations

For the large majority of community cricket grounds, the typical design will include a 4 pole design. 6 pole designs are recommended for televised play conditions. They may also be required to improve spill lighting control. A 5m clearance (run-off)

Cricket stadium installation guidance (6 poles)

zone shall be provided from

The playing area or boundary line to any light pole. As per the Football (All Codes) Standard, placement can be immediately behind a permitted boundary fence. The Football (All Codes)
Standard AS 2560.2.3 provides details on establishing the pole locations and pole heights. The same basis is acceptable for community cricket. Figures 01 and 02 provide details of the recommended pole location zones for both a 4 pole and a 6 pole system.

Boland Cricket Stadium in South Africa

“We are surprised by the perfect lighting results. More lights, more light, more masts, but 85% saving in electricity consumption. ”

Owner of Boland Cricket Stadium

Competition level: (international HDTV relay) Compared with the original luminaire
Illumination level: 2017lux

Energy consumption: 360KW

Operating costs: 32.4 USD per hour

Estimated cost is 0.09 USD per kWh



85% saving in electricity consumption

Cricket Field Lighting Questions & Answers

How many lights are there in Cricket stadium?

4-400 sets.I have tried for some rough area of cricket match the lamp. They don’t have enough money, but with a great love of cricket, so even if only four desk lamp can light up their passion for cricket activities at night, also provide high-level cricket stadium lighting, the whole stadium, close to 100000 – seat under the much-anticipated cricketers in hundreds of LED lights illuminate the cricket ground, to show their first-class cricket technology. Therefore, the lighting quantity of cricket stadium depends on the size of the venue and the lighting level requirements. If you want to know more details, please contact our Mecree team, we have a professional design team to service for you.

What lights are used in stadiums?

Mecree LED stadium light. Mecree company has been specialized in the stadium lighting industry for more than 10 years. We have provided lighting for countless stadiums all over the world, lighting large and small venues, including football field lights, cricket ground lights, baseball field lights, tennis court lights. More and more factories on the market began to produce stadium lamps, but they did not specialize in these products, which resulted in many products with poor performance and short life. Average person can be attracted by their low price place, after buying installation just discovered to reflect the effect at all, and easy to damage. Resulting in the cost of the user’s second purchase.

How long does it take for stadium lights to turn on?

In an instant. Mecree stadium lights can be activated instantaneously. In our memory, the start-up time of traditional lights takes several minutes, so we have an implanted standard. However, Mecree LED stadium light has not only achieved instantaneous start, but also fully guaranteed security, so the choice of Mecree stadium light is an experience of changing times, but also a guarantee of energy conservation.

How to design cricket ground lighting ?

Mecree design team. We have a professional design team, which will provide the most reasonable lighting system design according to the needs of customers, not only let you have the best lighting experience, but also the most cost-effective scheme. A lot of design companies will charge customers expensive design fees to do this work, but our Mecree team is free to provide this service. And we help you to plan one-stop procurement from our own factories, to help you to save maximum procurement costs. I believe this is the cheapest way to build a great project.

How much do floodlights cost to run of cricket ground?

1 000-300 000USD. As we mentioned above, how many lights are needed in a cricket ground? However, on the issue of cost, we still need to divide it into more details, because Mecree company has several LED stadium light products, because we provide services to customers with various budgets. So in general training and entertainment venues, we would recommend products that are good value for money, so they only need to be able to play cricket in the visible light. For professional cricket venues, we will recommend the best products, after all, such venues should not only enable players to play their strengths, but also take into account the needs of TV broadcast, please bring your information to consult our Mecree team for details.

MECREE offers LED cricket ground lighting according to different standards.

For any information of cricket stadium lighting, please send MECREE inquiry, will serve you with professional suggestions and simulations. Including one stop serve

If you want to learn more about Mecree’s provisioning capabilities, click here.

What can MECREE do for you?

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MECREE are committed to offer the right solution for every sport field including to football, baseball, cricket, hockey and professional stadium.
outdoor best led stadium lights 1000w

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