LED Basketball Court Lighting

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MECREE Basketball Court Lighting Project

Traditional stadiums usually use 400W halogen or sodium lamps, although cheap, but not durable, and very power-intensive, life is not long, but also to maintain. With the development of LED lamps, many courses now use LED lamps, a 150W LED lamps can completely replace 400W halogen lamps, more than half of the energy saving. LED lamps and lanterns not only save energy, but also life up to 50000 hours, no stroboscopic when working, that is, on and on, greatly improving the enjoyment of playing.
The basketball court is a rectangular solid plane without obstacles. For the major official matches of the FIBA, the measurement of the court must be measured from the inner edge of the boundary. For all other matches, the appropriate department of the FIBA has the right to approve the existing stadium within the following dimensions: length reduced by 4 meters and width reduced by 2 meters, provided that the changes are proportionate to each other. Ceiling or minimum barrier production height is at least 7 meters. (According to my own experience, outdoor basketball court can be equipped with 6 meters high) court lighting to be uniform, sufficient luminosity. The placement of lighting equipment shall not hinder the vision of the players. All new stadiums should be of the same size as the FIBA’s main official matches: 28 meters long and 15 meters wide.

Standard Illuminance for basketball court lighting

Sport Styles  

Eh Evmai Evaux

Horizontal illumination Vertical illumination Ra Tk(K)
U1 U2 U1 U2 20 4000
Amateur level Physical training 150 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Non competition, recreational activities 300 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Domestic competition 600 0.5 0.7 65 4000



Professional level

Physical training 300 0.4 0.6 65 4000
Domestic competition 750 0.5 0.7 65 4000
TV broadcast domestic matches 750 500 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 65 4000
TV broadcast international competition 1000 750 0.6 0.7 0.4 0.6 80 4000
HDTV rebroadcast competition 2000 1500 0.7 0.8 0.6 0.7 80 4000
TV emergency 750 0.5 0.7 0.3 0.5 80 4000


MECREE LED stadium flood light series widely used indoor and outdoor sites, such as tennis court, basketball court, lighting tower, badminton court, mining lighting and so on.
outdoor basketball court lighting design

Application reference: Standard basketball court

For more sport field cases, pls move to:
outdoor basketball court led lighting
Model: GL-SFL-300W
Power: 300W
Replace traditional MH light: 800W
4 poles: 12m
Light: 300W LED stadium flood light
Light QTY: 8PCS
Light Average LUX: 280LUX.

Indoor Basketball Court Lighting Design

Indoor basketball court LED Lights should adopt the following arrangement:
1.Direct Lighting Layout
(1) Top lamps arrangement of lamps. The arrangement of lamps at the top is arranged above the site, and the beam is perpendicular to the layout of the site.
(2) Side lamps arrangement of lamps. The arrangement of lamps on both sides is arranged on both sides of the site, and the beam is not perpendicular to the layout of the site.
(3) Mixed lamps arrangement of lamps. A combination of top arrangement and two sides arrangement.
indoor basketball court lighting design
2. The layout of lamps should meet the following requirements
(1) Symmetrical lighting fixtures should be selected for the top layout, which are suitable for gymnasiums where low space is mainly used and the uniformity of horizontal illumination on the ground is high and there is no requirement for TV relay. As shown in the figure:
basketball court lighting standards
(2)Sides lamp arranging should select asymmetrical light distribution lamps, arranged on the bridle path, suitable for high vertical illumination requirements and television broadcasting requirements of the stadium. When the lamp is on both sides, the aiming angle of lamps should not be greater than 65 degrees, as shown in the figure.
(3) A variety of light distribution lamps should be chosen for the mixed layout, which is suitable for large general gymnasium. The arrangement of lamps and lanterns can be seen at the top and sides.
basketball court lighting design
(4) Light fixtures with medium and wide beams should be used according to the arrangement of lighting fixtures. They are suitable for building space with low floor height, good span angle and roof conditions. They are also suitable for gymnasiums with stricter glare restrictions and no TV transmission requirements. They are not suitable for suspended lamps and building structures with bridle path installation.
The arrangement of lamps in basketball hall should meet the following requirements
1. Lights should be arranged on both sides of the court with the belt pattern and should be 1 meters above the competition site.
2. Installation of lamps should not be less than 12 meters.
3. Lamps should not be placed above the circular area within the diameter of the basket with a diameter of 4 meters.
4. Lamp aiming angle is as low as 65 degrees.
5. The both sides of the basketball court, lights can not be placed directly into the stadium.
Outdoor basketball court lamps should adopt the following arrangement
(1)Sides arrangement of lamps. The lamps and lanterns on both sides are arranged in combination with the lamp pole or the construction horse-walk, and are arranged on both sides of the competition ground in the form of continuous light band or cluster-like centralized form.
(2)Four corners arrangement of lamps. The lamps and lanterns arranged in four corners are combined with lampposts, and are arranged at four corners of the playing field.
(3) Mixed arrangement of lamps. The two sides of the mixed layout are combined with four corners.

Outdoor Basketball Court Lighting Design

Outdoor basketball court lighting arrangement should meet the following requirements
1. No TV broadcast is suitable for both sides of the court.
2. The lamp should not be arranged in the range of 20 degrees along the bottom line of the ball frame, the distance between the bottom of the lamp pole and the realization of the site should not be less than 1 meter, the height of the lamp should meet the vertical connection between the lamp and the center line of the site, and the angle between the lamp and the ground plane should not be less than 25 degrees.
outdoor basketball court lighting
3. Under any lighting mode, the arrangement of lampposts should not obstruct the audience’s attention.
4.Symmetrical lighting arrangement is provided on both sides of the site to provide the same lighting.
5. the height of the lamp should not be less than 12 meters, and the height of the luminaire should not be less than 8 meters.

300W LED Floodlights VS 800W MH

Product 300wLED Floodlights 800W MH
Power 300W 800W
Self-loss power 23W 170W
Total power 323W 970W
Power consumption/ hour 0.323 kw·h 0.97kw·h
Working current 0.75A 3.11A
Start-up performance Open and light 5 minutes
Noise sound No Yes
Frequency flicker 2.64 t / s 50 t / s
Lifespan 50000 hrs 6000-10000 hrs
CRI ﹥80% <60%
PF ﹥0.98 <0.8

Energy efficiency calculation:
1, save electricity costs comparison
According to the calculation of 5 hours per day, 1 days and 365 days, the electricity consumption is 1 RMB per hour.
300WLED projection light: 0.323 kw·h/pcs x 5 hours 365 days * 1 RMB * 35 sets of =20,631.6 RMB=USD3126
800W metal halide lamp: 0.97 kw·h/pcs * 5 hours 365 days * 1 * 35 sets of =61,958.8 RMB=USD9387.7
The above calculation shows that the 35pcs 300w LED floodlights are 1 years’ electricity saving cost.
The 300wLED projection lamp saves and saves electricity 66% per year than 800W metal halide lamp: 61958.8 RMB -20631.6 RMB =41,327.8 RMB=USD6261.8
LED 300W saves electricity charges for two years: 41327.8 RMB and 2 RMB =82,655.6 RMB=USD12523.6

Why choose MECREE?

1. MECREE is the only company determined to be a century-old company in the sports field.

2. Provide one-stop service for design, lighting and installation instructions.

3. World’s top design system, easy installation and more convenient maintenance.

4. 10 years focus on glare and light pollution control.

Why choose MECREE LED?

1. The new generation of high-density COB unique light distribution technology, it will be a revolutionary of traditional sports lighting.

2. 10-year constant illumination guarantee on site, 10-year system warranty, 10-year maintenance-free costs.

3. The original glare controller system can effectively control glare, enhance the comfort of sports and the experience of watching the game.

4. Separate control technology of lamps and drives increases the flexibility of the system and can effectively reduce the load on the road or light pole.

5. Advanced remote dimming function, which can automatically adjust the luminous flux output as required to meet the lighting needs of the venue.

6. Instant ON / OFF function meets the hot start function requirements, and can effectively combine sports games and stage performance functions.

7. MECREE’s lighting technology surpasses traditional lighting in the past, bringing a better experience to athletes, spectators and TV broadcasts.

8. We are not only the luminaire makers, but also designers for the comfortable light.

9. If the overflowing light of LED lamps shines on the residents’ homes, or scatter in the night sky to form light pollution, or even stimulate the eyes of athletes, it will be a big step back in sports lighting.

MECREE has successfully completed more that 1000 lighting projects

outdoor football led stadium lights

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