Golf Courses & Driving Ranges LED Lighting Solutions

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Ever tried to dig out of a sand trap, track your ball’s trajectory, or get onto the green at a golf course with poor lighting? When it comes to creating the best possible experience for your night-time golfers, audiences, and broadcasters, proper lighting is hands down the most important factor to consider.

Highlight Golf Balls With a High CRI

CRI, or color rendering index, is an important factor to consider when lighting your golf course or driving range. MECREE LED Luminaires have a high color rendering index of >85 that highlights a golf ball by creating a contrast between a grassy surface or dark environment and the bright white golf ball. The high CRI makes colors appear as they are and is nearly identical to sunlight. Colors appear clear, crisp, and easy to distinguish in person and on television.

There are also two types of illumination to consider on our golf courses and driving ranges: vertical and horizontal. The vertical light travels to a vertical surface, such as a spectator or golfer. The horizontal light lands on a horizontal surface like a fairway. The light on a fairway (horizontal) must reach 80-100 lux while the vertical light must reach 100 to 150 lux.

LED Luminaires Have Optimal Brightness Uniformity

Before you tee off, you need to be aware of the course’s various elements, from trees to water features. MECREE LED Luminaires allow for a uniform overall brightness that keeps you aware of your surroundings and allows for easy ball tracking without creating overly bright spots.

Keep Golfers and Spectators Safe

Safety is the number one priority for everyone at your golf course or driving range, and visibility is critical to safety. Full, bright, uniform light coverage ensures that all dark corners are brightly lit and all spectator areas are entirely visible. MECREE LED Luminaire’s glare reduction makes tracking a ball much easier for everyone at your golf course or driving range.


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Choosing the Right Light

Before installing MECREE LED Luminaires on a golf course or driving range, you need to ask yourself just how bright they should be. Lux provides us with a tried-and-true answer. For a driving range, luxes at ground level should be roughly 200-300. This level allows both golfers and spectators to see the ball’s path without obstruction. Lux can be higher, around 800-1200, at professional golf courses that host world-renowned golfing events.

Unmatched Durability

There are golf courses all over the world in environments that range from wet, warm, and corrosive to bitter cold. MECREE LED Luminaries understand the need to stay strong in the harshest climates. That’s why they’re constructed with a heavy-duty, lightweight, durable die-cast design to withstand corrosive environments and extreme outdoor conditions. The proprietary thermal management maximizes heat dissipation through passive cooling for a longer lifespan. Finally, the compact construction has no exposed electronics or wiring, meaning less maintenance and repairs.

Click here for more information about GL-SFL Series LED Sports Field Lights.

More importantly, LED Luminaires are just flat-out more comfortable for golfers and spectators. Traditional lighting systems convert up to 75% of their electricity into heat instead of light, casting it directly on your audiences. This is incredibly inefficient and uncomfortable. LED Luminaires convert up to 95% of their electricity directly into light.

Keep your Lighting Flicker-Free

Unlike lighting sources like Metal Halide, an MECREE LED Luminaire provides constant, flicker-free lighting for golfers and spectators alike. This is important because a golf ball can reach speeds of up to 200 miles-per-hour, all captured by a high-speed camera. Any light flickering can cause spectators to miss the action. It can also cause a strobe-light effect that has been linked to mood swings, headaches, strobe epilepsy, and more.

Maximize Quality and Cut Costs

An MECREE LED Luminaire provides glare-free illumination to minimize visual discomfort for both golfers and spectators. It is also a low cost, high-efficiency form of lighting. LED lights can reduce lighting expenses by as much as 80%. Investing in LED Luminaires will pay for itself in less than 36 months, and that’s without considering reduced maintenance.

You’ll rarely have to change your bulbs as they’re rated for over 100,000 hours. That’s almost 4x longer than other lighting sources. It can be very difficult and costly to hire maintenance crews to replace often high-up lighting fixtures. By reducing the frequency of replacement, you’ll cut maintenance fees by over 75%.

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