300W LED floodlight for temple in Bangkok Thailand

318 Published by admin 07 16,2018

300W LED floodlight for temple in Bangkok Thailand

Basic info:
Product Used: 300W outdoor LED floodlight
-Using 130pcs 300W outdoor LED flood light(GL-FL-300W)
-Beam Angle:
-CCT of LED light: 2700K
-Ground illumination level: 200-370 lux

Installation Date: Jan 2015

Famous temple in Bangkok Thailand. Resplendent and magnificent constructions require for high lighting efficiency and high CRI , MECREE LED outdoor lighting is the best outdoor flood lights.
What’s more, the SDCM is also very important. They asked for warmer white to make the temple looks more golden.
Thanks for customized CREE LED chips, MECREE provided 2700K for this project.
Using 130pcs of 300W LED floodlight. This temple became a whole new tourist attraction, Welcome visitors from all over the world.
Below is the feedback diagram given by MECREE’s customers.

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