100W LED floodlight for billboard in Latvia

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100W LED floodlight for billboard in Latvia

Basic info:
Product Used: 100w led floodlight
-Using 12pcs 100w led floodlight (GL-FL-100W)
-Beam Angle: 60°
-CCT of LED light: 4000K-4500K

Installation Date: Dec. 2016

Outdoor billboard is an important medium of enterprise brand promotion activities, they are often set up in prominent locations outdoors or in densely populated areas, can rise to spread the role of advertising information, meet the demand of the people's life.
Installing MECREE outdoor flood lamp, on outdoor billboards can not only prolong advertising time, but also help outdoor billboards to attract people's attention.
During the installation, 6pcs 100w led floodlight were installed on the top of the billboard with the light facing down. At the same time, 6pcs 100w led floodlight were installed under the billboard and the direction of the light was upward to illuminate the advertisement screen. Please see below the feedback picture given by our customers.

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